Juice WRLD & NBA YoungBoy’s “Bandit” Explained | Song Stories

[HOST] Juice WRLD and NBA Youngboy get together
for the braggadocious cut, “Bandit.” [HOST] “Bandit” is produced by Nick Mira
with a music video directed by Cole Bennett. [HOST] The track could be the first single
for Juice’s recently announced new album slated for release on his 21st birthday December
2nd. [HOST] Juice kicks off the track mentioning
his mood swings while on the party drug molly. He also gives a nod to his girlfriend, Ally Lotti. [HOST] Juice previously used the theft metaphor
for love on 2019’s “Robbery.” [HOST] Later on in his verse, he mentions
serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal. REPORTER: Police say the suspect 31 year old
Jeffrey Dahmer has confessed to the killings of 11 people whose remains were found in his
apartment. REPORTER: Dahmer was sentenced to 937 years
behind bars. He was ultimately killed by a fellow inmate
in 1994. [HOST] NBA Youngboy keeps up the love theft
theme going towards the middle of his verse. [HOST] The Lyrical Lemonade music video was
shot in NBA Youngboy’s hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. [HOST] Youngboy remains on house arrest after
violating his 2016 probation for a non fatal shooting in May 2019. He is allowed to release songs and dropped
“House Arrest Tingz” in September. [HOST] NBA also has another pending domestic
violence charge in Georgia. [HOST] As for Cole & Juice, this is their
6th video together including Wrld’s early hits, “Lucid Dreams,” “All Girls Are
the Same” and “Robbery” amongst many others. [HOST] Fans can’t get enough of this track
and it has been in the Genius top songs chart since its early October release. [HOST] If you’d like to find out more about
“Bandit,” check out the song page on Genius.com. [HOST] I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News,
bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

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