Ice Cube Reacts To New West Coast Rappers (Blueface, Saweetie, Lil Mosey) | The Cosign

Yo what’s happenin,’ it’s ya homeboy Ice Cube. I’m up at Genius, you know what I’m doing I’m doing the Cosign. I’m gonna check out
some of the new West Coast flavor that’s coming out and see which one of these
youngsters Imma Cosign. I mean if I can give any advice to up-and-coming West Coast artists… It’s cool to rep where you from but you know don’t
let that become you know a cage. Look to rock any crowd anywhere on any level and
not just you know, West Coast. I mean you know he definitely talking.. he definitely ridin.’ Lemme hear more of it. I like his confidence. I definitely know this dude can rap.
I think he could pull out some rhymes that’s expressing you know where he
from and what he about you know without without the crippin,’ gang banging, blood
and all that kind of you know that right there to me takes a little bit off
of it. It’s not offbeat it’s not all the way you know hitting the ones all the
time you know. He’s falling off and falling back on you know it’s one of
those styles that is an acquired taste but when you get it it’s fire. Swag is on ten fa sho. Confidence and the style and the flow. This kind of artist you know with the right team around her just gets better
and better, you know. She’s got bars and she got
delivery. She got a voice. It’s cool just to see a female coming out The Bay, so I’m rooting for her, you know, just on that. I’m fuckin’ with this. He polished. This right here works because visuals, voice, story, and I feel it. I’m feeling it, not just watching it, but I feel that this is real. I think artists like that have a chance to have
some longevity if they don’t just go after the money, you know. Right
now he seems like the best one so far. Dope. Confidence. This feel like a
song that could blow just because you know it’s that young life, you know what I’m saying. It’s confidence level, talent of course and you gotta believe in yourself
and you know, you can’t let nobody come and change you. You know what I mean? You got to know what you are and know that you a star just waiting to
be discovered. This remind me a little of the first artist when you know
they gotta get something off they chest. You know what I’m saying that’s about personal
neighborhood representation. I just think he got a dope concept and he’s
spitting truth. He’s saying that “yo these is my niggas. He’s not calling nobody a
nigga. These Asian dudes is his niggas, so you can’t tell a person what jacket to put on.
You can’t tell a person what they identify with. Everybody gotta rep
what they feel, man. You know rap ain’t about being safe and saying things that
everybody gonna like all the time. It’s about delivering what you feel and
delivering your truth and you know fuck people if they get mad about it. That’s on them, you know that’s they problem. It ain’t yours. He got talent. I mean, you know, anybody that can flip that rap and sing and still keep it flawless going back and forth got so much potential to blow especially
nowadays. And so I think it’s great This guy got it. You know he already making noise. That Asian kid is crazy. Girl out The Bay is like dope. All these …you
know it’s hard to pick from these artists because all of them got
potential to blow. After checking out all these dope artists on the West Coast, I’m gonna have to give my Cosign to Reason, because I just feel
like he’s most polished. He’s the artist that is like most prime to blow right
now. Youngsters out there are really coming up with new and fresh music that’s not harping on our legacy. They’re creating their own legacy and you know I’m feeling it. Is this really the last thing, or y’all gon’ say… Okay, aight.

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