How To Make Slow Motion Tik Tok Video(Musically) & Create Dance,Running Videos Without Any App

Hello what’s up guys and welcome back to my youtube channel “Teconz”. Today I will show you how to make slow-motion tik tok videos with in 2 minutes?. Now a days the entertainment application tik tok is most popular in world wide and lots of people’s are spending their time with this application by posting their videos into their timeline. Some people’s are making normal videos,
which means that it only has background music and they act relevant to this music. But my friend’s are every day making slow-motion videos and also I have one doubt, how to make that kind of videos?. So if you have the same doubt, just follow my steps. So let’s go to our tutorial. First of all I try to open my tik tok application and in this home page section I try to press ” + ” icon
and the third one. And this icon will help you to make the videos, so just press it, and then you can see my mobile camera is automatically turned on, so next how to create slow motion videos?. Here you can see and in right side it shows some icons, so in this section you can press that clock icon and the second one. And in bottom it shows some speed intervals, so what is this?. In normal videos we select the speed level is ” 1x “, but if you want to make the slow motion videos, just decrease that speed intervals but the maximum speed decrease level is
” 0.1x “. So here I try to select the maximum decrease level of ” 0.1x ” and the least value. Once you select the value now I try to start my recording, by long press that video icon…so my recording is starts to initializing…Once your record time is finished, just press that tick icon and it is located at the bottom, and then my video starts to processing… Finally here you can see and this is my slow motion video, but if you want to increase that video speed, in previous step you can select the speed interval to ” 0.5x “, so to adjust this levels you can make perfect slow motion videos. Finally this method works very
smoothly. So this is the way you can easily create your slow motion tik tok videos in your android mobile. For more tech videos you can subscribe my beautiful tech channel ” Teconz ” and thanks for watching…

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