How to Make More Than 15 Seconds Video on Tik Tok Musically

hello friends today i am going to solve a problem a lot of people asked me about this That is… How to make more than 15 sec video on tik tok i am going to explain the most simple method for this you would have watched a lot of youtube videos concerning this problem they tell you to make 15 sec clips and then join them and upload again but i am going to be more simple than this watch the whole video and copy step by step i guarantee you will find this video helpful first of all open google play and find this app search for Triller this app is similar to tik tok app but it is not as famous as tik tok is after downloading open triller app if it asks to login then you may login simply by using facebook or other method you can also login with phone number it is also like tik tok you can see + icon here this is also same as tik tok click on it select music video now you have my music option you can select song from your mobile phone after selecting song you can then trim or select whole song from here this is not available in tik tok drag the slider to adjust i am going with 30 sec you know that there is no option in tik tok to make longer videos then click on Next after processing this video making screen will open you can change filters you can change whatever setting you want you will find more filters than tik tok here if you don’t select filters yet… you will still have the option to select then later you can now make a video from here i made video of 30 seconds here you can now click on the video here you can still edit with a lot of tools here you have some options on the bottom selct filters again from here there is a long list of filters after adding you can edit the video by this pencil icon add stickers etc. you can see the option here Click it you can see this screen now set the video to Private from here leave the category now your video will not show to anyone in this app now see the option Post & Save click on this option then click on this Download Button after processing the video will be saved into the gallery the video will also remain in your profile in this app until you delete it yourself then you can go to the gallery and check out the video when you open the profile in this app you will see the delete options now go to tik tok app go to video making screen here Click on plus icon and go to video making screen there is the upload option here click on it and select that video you can see the same duration of that video here you can also get longer videos like this click on the Next button after processing this screen will open post the video now after uploading you can see this video is posted in tik tok you can now open and see this this video is in full duration I hope you liked the video Suscribe to get more like this

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