How To Download Old Version of Musically ? (BOTH FOR ANDROID/iOS AFTER 2018 UPDATE)

hey guys how are you doing I am
Siddharth Poddar and I am here back with a video we do about how to download
an older version of her musically okay if you’re not happy if you’re not liking
the latest update of musically I am going to show how to download them older
version of them musically and you can download it and use it if you’re happier
with the older version but why to download an older version if you have
the latest but still it’s your choice so I am going to show how to download an
older version of her musically right now okay before we stop that if you haven’t
subscribed to my channel yet please subscribe channel and after you see this
video please write in the comments if we’d have to you or not so again let’s
start it first before you want stall the I mean let us musically let us operate
musically if you have any video in draft please go and save that videos because
after you uninstall it you can’t read over it so if you have any videos in
saving drafts mostly in private I have already posted a video on how to
save your drafts videos in your camera roll or gallery or in private so what is
that we do and see how to do it so first one is on struggle list update of
music again now it’s on stalled now we need to go to
this site the link will be even in your in the description so don’t worry I
think is to go to the site and you can see musically and you can see the list
of birds on off musically overhead so if you want to download any version of
musically you want your specific version you can download it from here 7.2 is the
latest one of the two till now and 6.9 is the older one the latest object is
started from seven seven point zero point five seven point one and seven
point two you can see this and the latest on the older one is the six point
now six point nine so let’s download that’s it’s been nine and I’m going to
click there and it’s down here so it will start it’s downloading games it’s
downloading so guys before I’m talking before on you studying and downloading
the older version of me city please save your drops into your camera roll or
gallery if you install it before that you can’t recover it so means for that
okay it’s now over and let’s open it and it’s it installed okay listen it’s all
it let’s see if it works or not I’m sorry to what but let’s see okay
it’s installing so guys any comments any videos want to me to do please drop your
comments and let’s open this okay see it’s downloaded here so you can see the
musically is open now so now if you want to create a comical music a penny counts
its ever goal is a good login would log in and put a username and password that
put my username if you are not following me in usually go and follow it is
logging logging I’m going to do Donny okay now you can see the older version
of music Lee has been someone loaded so this is how you don’t
know this is how you download the older version of musically you can use it now
you can record your video and it’s all the same you know how to use the older
version of musically that’s why you want to download it I am NOT going to show
how to use it so for every users you can go to this
link that I just downloaded ah where I downloaded the older version of
musically and for iPhone users a link is even for my to two app you can go to
that link and now of mine too to F if you haven’t downloaded it yet both of my
two the app and click them musically you can get the older version of musically
in my t2f so for an readers the link of the website and for the iPhone users the
links for my to 12 so for both users you can go to that link click that link the
link given in description and you can download the older version of musically
and usually this is how you can download the older version of musically so guys
if you learn and if you are satisfied with this video if you learned something
so it’s subscribe this channel and drop your views in the comment box I hope you
learned something okay guys have a good day

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