How To Be An Instagram Star feat. Barkha Singh, SheTroublemaker | Girliyapa’s ChickiLeaks

Come, let’s take a selfie! Do you have oil in your hair? Hi, guys! Hey, Malishka! Hi! Girl, you’ve become
a star on Instagram! I saw the umbrella picture you posted
last night! You’ve got 6,0,999 likes! That’s nothing… -Can we take a selfie?
-Yeah, let’s… -Neha, come. ??
-Be careful. Watch your step, you may slip
on the oil dripping from your hair! Don’t be rude, man. Neha, here you go.
Switch from your oil to this product. You can apply this quickly
and it won’t even make your hair sticky! And it smells great! Guys! Don’t you want to take a selfie? Malishka is here! Come on…
Let’s take a selfie! If you want attention validation in life, nothing is going to work out
with your IDK attitude! You have to be OOTD, YOLO and ??
in life because a book is always judged by
it’s cover! Understood, darling? -Sorry?
-You should be! I mean, look at yourself,
you’re a nobody! You’ve been sitting in the front row
of your class for the past 2 semesters, but, your professor hasn’t noticed
you till date. No one even wants to talk to you. Siri, when is the school reunion? Sorry, you are not invited. What do I do now? Get scared! Be tensed, wipe
the sweat off your forehead and listen to what I say. ‘Cause after ‘How to take a shower’
and ‘How to open a jamjar’, we’ve come out with,
‘How to be an Insta Star!’. Change your clothes!
No, not that! Wear a jumpsuit! A piercing in your ears, lipstick on
your lips, winged-liner on your eyes, and a flying bird tattoo
on your neck! I don’t want a tattoo, please. Loser! Darling, please do something
about your hair. Go! Apply oil and wash it off. That’s going to take forever! Do you
want me to be stuck at home till then? -I’ll use this!
-Oh, she has opinions… Woah!
Well done! Wait! Are you going
to put up the first picture? No one on Insta cares about first drafts!
Take another one. Suck the tummy in, push your chest out,
stop your breath! Now, pout!
Give me some mood and passion! Smile! Now, kissie face, duck face, bitchy face! Two face! Take your phone higher,
much more higher, higher… You’ll look skinny,
take it higher! Higher, higher, more…
Come on! Good…candid! Think about something
funny or philosophical. ‘The next time I fall…
I hope I fall in love!’ Woah!
#Deep #Candid #Fallingface #Fallinginlove #I #Love #PanteneHair # # #… Nice!
Post it! Sit down, sweetie. Are you happy with just
about 15 likes? -Even Cathy has 46K Insta followers.
-Really? -Who’s Cathy though?
-My widowed cat! Starting with your morning #
of #Iwokeup with good hair, to ending your day with
#Isleepwith4pillows, don’t forget about #Throwbackthursdays
or #Flashbackfridays also. While you shower, while your brush your
hair, at the gym… Eating a sneaky snack… Post with different backgrounds! Infront of an ocean, infront of a hill, infront of make-up lights,
fairy lights… Hold on! Who’s going to be interested
in my boring life though? Darling, fake it till you make it! Nice! Now head to the college canteen, take
pictures, add filters and post it. Not Indian cuisine, try Italian,
Chinese, Junk or Veggies. Wow, Neha!
Your hair looks great! -How come?
-Pantene Oil Replacement! Here! Focus! Now record stories, show your talent
and sing! No! Don’t sing! You go and hang out with talented people. Do a couple of activities…
Try dancing! Make a boomerang! Now dance backwards! Dance in a stop motion manner. Dance with emotion. Dance in devotion! Now, dance in slow motion… Are you exhausted? Well, didn’t this turn you into
an Insta Star! Can you please take a picture
with me? It might increase my followers! Hey Malishka! You’re rocking it
on Musically, man! I just saw your latest post and it’s
already featured! Wow! Let’s take a selfie? Darling, step 1 to be
a Musically Star is… No!
Not again!

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