[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] | RUNNING9 Fan Meeting : Group Song STAGE! Why does Kwangsu face?(ENG SUB)

(The theme song was composed
for the fan-meet.) – Who will compose the theme song?
– The theme song? (Then a talented singer-songwriter
appeared for the special task.) (Composer Jung Joon Il) (Members write lyrics
for the theme song.) (They do their best
and finish recording.) (Members’ first theme song
made with 9 years of Running Man) (How did it turn out?) (“I Like You” by Running Man) (Song Van) (It’s okay, stay strong) (I will run with you) (That’s how we became one) (Now I will be on your side) (I can’t understand everything) (But I will lean on you
little closer) (Because I like you) (Difficult today and tomorrow) (It’s okay, stay strong) (I will run with you) (That’s why we shone much brighter) (Remember us) (His standing wasn’t planned.) (There he goes again.) (Remember my high note.) (Someday) (On the day we stop this walk) (Thank you so much, I was you) (The day when we cried
until our eyes hurt) (The day we could laugh
even though it rained) (They never expressed their true
feelings over the last 9 years.) (All the days are soft and dry) (I like you) (The first song they sing
to each other after 9 years) – We love you.
– Thank you. – I like you.
– Thank you. Thank you. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– Kwang Soo, pay the comedian fee. What? – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– Thank you. Thank you so much. – We won’t forget it.
– Goodness. Thank you very much. (They encourage and cheer each other
with their looks.) I’m so grateful that
I don’t know what to say. – Seriously.
– Song Ji Hyo is my type. (A male audience shouts,
“Song Ji Hyo is my type.”) (His confession stops her tears.) – Song Ji Hyo is my type.
– Thank you. Please respond to
“Song Ji Hyo is my type.” You’re my type too. (His wish is granted.) Thank you. This is our ninth anniversary. – 10th anniversary.
– 10th or 20th anniversary. Until the day when… Seok Jin turns 100 years old. Until that day. I don’t know that
it’ll be possible for me. I don’t know if it’s possible. – On the day Seok Jin turns 80,
– 80. we’ll come back here. That’s possible
because it’ll be soon. It’s possible. It’s coming up soon. We’d like to thank you again. I thought of the spy at this moment. I forgot to say it. – Spy?
– I forgot. There’s a spy. I thought of the spy
all of a sudden. – That’s right.
– Who’s the spy? I had forgotten about it. I thought of it all of a sudden. – I think I know who it is.
– Why? As I was thinking… I’d really like to know. Do you know who the spy is? (The audience knows who the spy is.) That’s amazing. – They know.
– Lee Kwang Soo. (Is Kwang Soo the spy?) Is it Kwang Soo? – Kwang Soo?
– Kwang Soo? Is it? What about Kwang Soo? – Kwang Soo?
– Me? Is it Kwang Soo? – Hey, you.
– You’re starting again. – It’s not me.
– Is it not? – I swear that I’m not.
– Among the members, we suspect that it’s Seok Jin. – I got a very definite hint.
– For now, here’s the hint that we got. – Here’s the hint.
– Friday instead of Monday. He prefers Friday to Monday. “The spy buys coffee
once in a while.” “The spy has been on Running Man
for nine years.” – The spy prefers cafes.
– The spy prefers cafes. – The spy doesn’t like restaurants.
– Right. “The spy can be with balls,” – “but not dice.”
– “but not dice.” Also, the spy is lucky today. – Right.
– Who got the hint about Monday? – I think I know.
– The spy likes Mondays. Friday, Seok Jin. – What?
– The Chinese character. (If the Chinese character for
Friday is the same as “metal”,) Kim Jong Kook? – Jong Kook?
– That’s what I think. – Restaurants.
– He runs a restaurant like me. (Jong Kook who runs a restaurant
seems relaxed for some reason.) Wow. (Was it you, Jong Kook?) – What about Kwang Soo?
– What? (Jong Kook stands out
all of a sudden.) What about Kwang Soo? (The spy is Kwang Soo.) Is it Kwang Soo? It’s not me. – It’s not me.
– Is Kwang Soo the spy? (Flustered) – Is Kwang Soo the spy?
– It’s not me. What about the hints? – Let’s end this.
– Okay. We’ll wrap this up quickly. For now, – the spy likes Fridays.
– I put mine in. (A person who has no idea
and another who got the answer) I put mine in. – The spy likes cafes.
– I put mine in too. – I’ll put it in too.
– I’ll follow my feelings. Also… – I wrote someone’s name.
– I put mine in. I don’t know. Let’s just do it. Jae Seok, Kwang Soo, and Se Chan wrote… – Seok Jin as the spy.
– Seok Jin? Let’s get together. – Come on.
– Here’s why. Come on. He was very strange today. (Is it Seok Jin who cleared
the spy mission?) Seok Jin is on a radio show. – He likes Fridays very much.
– Right. Seok Jin acted strangely
in the waiting room. – He took photos of us.
– He took photos of us. – He was so passionate today.
– If he’s not the spy, I’m sorry, but I promised
to hit him after the show. (I’m sorry but I promised
to hit him after the show.) Really, Seok Jin? – What’s next?
– Seok Jin, So Min, and Haha… – picked Jong Kook.
– Right? It’s because of this hint. “The spy suits Friday,
but doesn’t suit Sunday.” He also likes cafes. – He likes cafes.
– Cafes. – I see.
– Right. Only Ji Hyo picked… Haha. – I knew it.
– Why did you pick him? Seok Jin doesn’t like coffee. Jong Kook doesn’t suit
Friday either. I narrowed it down to Haha. Jong Kook… – Whom did you pick?
– arrested… the spy. (Jong Kook arrested the spy.) (Only Jong Kook successfully
arrested the spy.) Jong Kook? Whom did you write? (Did he arrest the spy?
Who could it be?) (Only Jong Kook is exempted
from the whip cream penalty.) Who is it? – Is it you?
– It’s not us. Right? (Praise Jong Kook, Jong Kook.) (As always,
Jong Kook is the winner.) Who is it? – Is it Ji Hyo?
– Really? – Who is it?
– Is it Ji Hyo? In the count of three, the audience will announce
today’s spy. Who’s today’s spy? One. (The spy performed
most passionately today.) Two. (Who is the spy?) Three. (We’re the spy.) I knew it. (The spy is the fans.) I knew it. – He wrote it.
– I wrote it. It’s the fans. Is that right? I almost wrote it. (The fans and the staff had
a secret meeting beforehand.) Hello, everyone. As today is Running Man’s fan-meet, today’s spy is… (You’re the spy.) (Are we the spy?) As you’re the spy, you have to clear a hidden mission. (The spy’s mission is
to be the most passionate today.) Your mission is to enjoy
yourselves most passionately today. Was it you, the fans? I almost wrote it. (I thought about it for a while.) Goodness. – That’s right.
– It’s all of you! I thought that couldn’t be true. – It’s true.
– I was like “No way”. When I heard the hint that
the spy is lucky today, I wondered who was lucky today.
I was watching them. They were picked to be here. – What?
– That’s true. They’re lucky. The spy likes balls. Was it ballpoint pen? That’s right. – Isn’t it ballpoint pen?
– What ballpoint pen? “The spy can be with balls,
but not dice.” – Ballpoint pen.
– Ballpoint pen. – Whose ballpoint pen?
– What’s a ballpoint pen? The coffee hint meant the coffee
truck the fans sometimes send. – They do.
– Cafe. – What’s that?
– Does it mean fan cafe? – Yes, it’s fan cafe.
– Ballpoint pen? – Fan cafe?
– Fan cafe. – Also,
– Right, it’s fan cafe. – Friday.
– Friday, frying pan. What did you say? (Is it frying pan
because it’s Friday?) – How would we know that?
– Isn’t that harsh? – Boo.
– That’s harsh. Frying pan was too harsh. I thought it was because
people like Fridays in general. Do we finish
after getting penalized? Whip cream penalty is prepared
for only four members. Do we have a chance? We’re picking. There are 4 blue and 3 red
in the spoon container. Those who pick 4 blue spoons
will be penalized with whip cream. Okay. – Let’s start with Haha.
– Don’t look right now. Don’t look right now. Here you go, Kwang Soo. The unlucky people
have gathered again. Today… – Including me…
– Seriously. Today, I think… (Who will be the three
going home dry?) I have a strange feeling
it won’t be me. I bet mine is red. Let’s look one by one. Start with Haha. 1, 2, 3. It’s blue. (Haha is chosen to be penalized.) – Okay.
– Okay. (They cheer for the first person
to sacrifice.) – Is it blue? He’ll be penalized.
– Ji Hyo. – Is blue being penalized?
– Yes. 1, 2, 3. – Let it be blue.
– I’m unlucky with this. – That’s right.
– Okay. (Ji Hyo is chosen to be penalized.) (Ji Hyo joins to be penalized.) – There are two left.
– What? Did Ji Hyo get blue? – Ji Hyo picked blue?
– Seok Jin. Seok Jin, it’ll be amazing… – if the four in a row are selected.
– I hope it’ll be consecutive. Seok Jin, 1, 2, 3. (Seok Jin survives.) (Seok Jin gets lucky
without any consideration.) – It’s not fun, is it?
– No. – There are two left.
– Jae Seok. (These two are next.) – Lee Kwang Soo.
– Lee Kwang Soo. – There are two left.
– Lee Kwang Soo. – Yu Jae Seok.
– There are two spoons left. – Kwang Soo.
– Let’s do it together. – We’ll reveal it together.
– It’s over if both of you are blue. It’s over if both of us have blue. – 1, 2, 3.
– Please. (Only Kwang Soo is selected
to be penalized.) Three. (He enters the class live.) I knew it, Kwang Soo. It was expected. (It was expected.) (Fans’ big picture becomes true.) Look at that. Se Chan and So Min are next. – One of them will survive.
– Please. – Please.
– Do we do it together? One of you will survive. – 1, 2.
– So Min. – So Min, So Min.
– So Min, So Min. – 1, 2, 3.
– Okay. (So Min is selected
for the penalty.) Okay. (So Min couldn’t get away
from the fans’ curse.) Scream! (Things turn out as the fans wish.) I got dizzy all of a sudden. Seriously. Before the penalty, I’ll introduce the artists
who were with us today. (Artists who collaborated today
come on stage.) Please come out on stage. You worked very hard. – Apink.
– Even though… everyone was busy, they took the time
and performed with us today. Please give a round of applause… to everyone who was with us
including Gummy. Thank you. All right. (The whip cream penalty is ready.) Let’s count to three together. Are you ready? – Yes.
– Yes. – 1.
– 1. – 2.
– 2. – 3!
– 3! Three! (It’s a successful
and refreshing finale.) (That’s amazing.) (That’s worth a photo.) (Watching members get penalized
makes them the happiest.) (It’s time to appreciate
the members covered in white.) So Min got hit directly. So Min got hit directly today. – They got hit directly.
– Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo got hit directly today. Everyone, you were with us today. We’ll say goodbye now. Thank you, everyone. – Thank you.
– Thank you. Thank you.

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