Girls Turn Into Boys Challenge #BoysChallenge (Tik Tok/

Why are you wearing headphones that’s the real question to block out the haters? We’re gonna transform into girls today, well, I can’t be a girl too good Look, I like the chair. Just kidding But this is a new challenge new trend where girls turn into boys. Why can’t boys turn into guys. I Didn’t understand actually, this is a new trend it just started. So I’m here with my friend to learn this anyway Looking good. This is nice Check us out. Mr. Cow. I know you’d want to speak our merch timeless. All right. Anyways, you guys ready see how this works Yeah, we’re all transforms that guy and you won’t believe actually how realistic it looks you’d actually get confused So I’m gonna go back are they even the same person? It’s not. I’m just kidding. It’s the same person. I’m done I’m down. So this is how she acts they actually do it behind the scenes, but they usually get a job cutting between She’s turned into just Justin Bieber. Yeah In all days yo, that’s my dad he has that exact same jacket if she turns into my dad, I’m gonna laugh my Dad is young A guy cannot look like that attractive. That’s why yeah All right, face it Mike Wars, yeah. Hey I didn’t know you’re into that like that Depressing Loving great, that’s not Shawn. No, it’s not not even her I Don’t know. I didn’t meet you a little great. I know that I I wonder what she’s doing Oh, yeah, I wonder what she’s gonna look like it. She’s gonna look like our actual Wonder said okay What do you guys think so far? I like this shit. This scares me that girls contrast’ women’s can transform together I don’t think magic moments of girls is easy. Really? I thought you’ve been doing that challenge. That’s like mm. Oh boy I know how we could do the new challenge where guys turned into girls. Oh, all right. I’ll be back in just a sec. Wait I’m so watching Any mediator confuses putting up their hair looks so realistic cuz they’re putting up their hair and eye shadow That’s a dude. That’s not a do it. That’s the girl. You ready? So you want to see how guys could turn into girls real for ya. All right easy trick That’s freezing that’s free. Why is our freezing goes in the fridge It was freezing I put it back in the truth. No, it’s already gonna rock is it touched your nipples? Look at Haley. Oh, wow. Oh she’s oh yeah. I want to see it. Wait, please over 18 It’s a dude bro shut block here and then she dyed it blonde, huh? Yeah. Oh I didn’t notice That in the background she transforms pretty well, you know Three two boom. Oh noes the blonde highlights on the lower part of her hands you sleep to the end You’re gonna see our testimony look like this So Yeah match oh yeah that looks like a girl yeah Girls think of us looks like a tomboy. We just look like we take each other and bro Is more like turning to a tomboy pretty much that’s all is it? No, it’s on the washing Lucas. I wonder What did I do Breanna 34 Jesus? No, they actually got I Was like no way Still a girl but still a girl maybe that and in a really feminine Justin Elvis just not Elvis. Can’t wait for our transformation I wonder who’s gonna look like the girl the most you probably yeah You probably will you be there all this time for a look at your neck. What does have to do good girl? Your feelings though So I kind of like stuck in my head already, oh that’s what yeah, okay That’s a dude that’s completely assured the lesser brother Your uncle that’s her dad that’s our grandfather let’s go with that auction that’s yeah, that’s something good I guess so I could be like this one Why do they always put their hair up in a bun? And oh? Never mind actually There are W better. Oh, man. I’m right in the light. Oh, yeah, dude, wait a minute at the challenge Alright, alright now, there’s gonna be something funny Okay, okay, alright this song is really annoying, you know, yeah I regarded Udemy look like a girl. That one was not convincing whatsoever Yep called it ya know I didn’t know not ago She missed the beach. Oh, okay. Hey mister guys, come on. Let’s see it. Lets see it Let’s see No Completely different people. She’s too. Happy Watterson. She’s that Huh, huh? Yeah, what what? Okay, fool you got something eyes Anthony’s mesmerized you could tell from the eyes What just happen I don’t understand then she goes like does every garlic ooh this well I don’t you could do with that stop to Die Like that is a good one. Just some girls pull it off completely No other ones are like nah not close not gonna last too feminine face Yeah, their faces to thumb detailed likes Emma. You need to have acne or like pimple they do Not believe my eyes, I do not believe anything. Yeah. I don’t trust my eyes for anything are gross gross Were you still attractive our girl is really female Yes, I’m cocaine Oh What do you do you’re a girl That’s not To do no. Oh Okay Okay, guys guys and gals are this guys now what good looks like that actually those people They all get shot they turn around and like whoa I wiggle over me As of now, who do you guys think had the best transformation who looked the most like a dude? Yeah. Oh Okay, what do you think? Sorry Yes Ready zag I get a chance for syndrome Those guys transforming if the girl is totally different titties Let’s see it what you got. It’s a go the First second is the eyes. Yeah until a facial hair just pops up She’s cute. Let’s see. Chill buddy. Let’s see what I say when she co Full facial hair. Yeah, she did she took it to the next level she’s hard That was too realistic I’m done. What is this? What are you doing this show off your your mailings? That’s a dot that beat job was good guys, what did you think about the transformations I feel like girls are trying to steal our looks yeah That’s a good are they because they look some of them look manlier than you It’s true some more look more attractive than you as a guy and a better jawline and better skin, too Don’t follow my friends on Instagram. Thank you for watching this challenge. You guys have your version send it to my Twitter right here No, check these guys out in the description, and I hope you guys enjoyed it. We’ll see you guys next time Have a good one and oh, I got it what girl dogs? change into boy dogs

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