Gary’s Song! 🐌 🎶 #TuesdayTunes | SpongeBob

♪ Gary, now I know I was wrong
I messed up, and now you’re gone ♪ [music playing] ♪ Gary, I’m sorry I neglected you ♪ ♪ Oh, I never expected you to run away
And leave me feeling this empty ♪ ♪ Your meow right now
Would sound like music to me ♪ ♪ Please come home,
‘Cause I miss you, Gary ♪ ♪ Gary, come home ♪ ♪ Gary, can’t you see I was blind
I’ll do anything to change your mind ♪ Gary! [music playing] ♪ More than a pet
You’re my best friend ♪ ♪ Too cool to forget, come back
‘Cause we are family ♪ ♪ And forgive me
For making you wanna roam ♪ ♪ And now my heart is beating
Like the saddest metronome ♪ ♪ Somewhere I hope you’re reading
My latest three-word poem ♪ ♪ Gary come home ♪ [horn blowing] Good morning, world
and all who inhabit it! Gary, help, I can’t see! Gary!
Gary, are you there? [crashing] Gary?
Gary, buddy? I need you to be my eyes, OK? Am I near the bathroom? [screaming] Gary? Gar? [sliding] [meowing] Gary! Now that my horrific incident of terror
is over, how about some breakfast? ♪ The most important meal of the day ♪ ♪ Serving it up Gary’s way ♪ Enjoy, buddy! Hmm, you know,
I’ve been feeding this to Gary for years and I don’t even know
what it tastes like. Now why don’t you just get in the tub? Get in the tub! Get in the tub! Get in the tub! In the tub! In the tub! [music playing] Now, Gary, are you gonna get in this tub
or am I gonna have– [crashing] [music playing] Gary, er, could you er…
Gary, no! Gary! [splashing] Alright, Gary, you have duped
and or frustrated me for the last time! So if I can’t get you
to come to the bath, I’ll just have to bring the bath to you! [groaning] Psst, Gary… Bath delivery! [roaring] [meowing] Come back, Gary,
I have something to share with you! [roaring] [splashing] [gargling] Water you waiting for, Gary? I know, if you come back
there will be a no rules rule! You can do whatever you want,
when you want! If you feel like ripping up the sofa
then you rip it up! And the litter box,
forget about it! The world is your litter box! And you don’t have to wait around
for me to feed you anymore! 24 hour fridge access! And you don’t even have to use a bowl! And I know how much you like
my prize driftwood carving of Squidward, well think of it as your own
personal scratching post! What do you think, Gary? Won’t it be fun, Gary? – How pathetic.
– Gary! I’m sorry, SpongeBob,
but Gary’s with me now. You had your chance and you failed. You have to stop living in the past. Face it, SpongeBob. You’re only hurting yourself. It’s what Gary wants
and what Gary wants is me! Right, Gary? Huh? He only liked me for my shorts! No, Patrick,
he wanted the cookie in your pocket! [eating] [meowing] G– G– Gary? [burping] [meowing] [screaming] Oh, Gary,
I knew you’d never leave me!

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