(ENGLISH) How to BASS Boost Songs with Audacity!

Thanks for activating Subtitles 😀 Hello and welcome to my new tutorial Today im going to show you, how to Bass Boost Songs using audacity first, find a song that you like and want to bass boost copy the link and paste it into an download program Download it in the best available quality because you need that and just download it After you downloaded the song, just paste it into audacity The first thing you gonna do, is copy the top track just click into the grey area to select the full song and press CTRL + C (on Apple: cmd + C) and paste it with CTRL + V (on Apple: cmd + V) now click on the top layer, go to effects and apply a “high pass filter” Set the “high pass filter to 100 Hz (Frequenzy) and an Rolloff from 48 dB and click on OK. Now click on the bottom layer go to effects again and apply a “Low Pass Filter” on it. now set the Frequenzy to 87 Hz with a Rolloff from 48 dB and click on OK. Now you see, on the top is only the Treble from the song and on the bottom layer is only the Bass Let´s listen to it at first, WITHOUT Bass and now, ONLY the Bass This already sound really cool now click again on the grey space on the bottom track go to effects and go to Bass and Treble BASS: +9, Treble: +2, Level: -1 This settings give you the best Bass Boost and click on OK When we listen again to ONLY the Bass you notice, its alot stronger then before now you need to look, what are the best settings for your song. you gave two little buttons here to change the volume of the tracks just play with this setting and see whats the best, im going to it with this song and you can easily do it on your own you see, I increased the Bass a little bit and made the Treble from the song a bit quieter so it matches perfectly and gives me the best Bass and that´s it, just export the file click on the top on “file” click on “Export Audio” Choose the Path were you want it to get saved and click on save now its getting exported and now, you can close audacity I have the file in this folder now im going to lay the two songs next to each other that you can see the difference. Just listen Original Bass Boost Original Bass Boost Original Bass Boost Original Bass Boost and if you have any questions just ask me in the comments down below bye

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