Do we really get money for making TikTok (Musically) videos? | Traffic = Money | KnowMoreOnAir

Do we really get money by making videos in Tik Tok? After all how people earn money in TiK Tok? Yes, friends, today we are going to tell you By making videos in TikTok You can earn a lot of money without any investment. So let’s get started. Number 1: By Emoji’s and Gifts When your favorite stars come live in Tic Tok, then you talk to them. After feeling happy you start sending emojis and gifts to them. Some emojis are free, And for some emojis you have to spend coins. And to get this coins you have to pay the money. Meaning is simple, give money, earn the coins and buy emojis or gifts from coins. As soon as you send emojis to your favorite star. They start collecting them. When they have lots of emojis, Then they go to the Tic Tok and get them redeemed. In return, Tic Tok give them a lot of money. Which you spent on buying emojis. Number 2: Challenges As you all know, Tik Tok come up with many new challenges. If you know some acting. And want to try your luck. Participate in it and upload your videos. If your videos come in the top 10 list Then you can earn lots of money. Then Tik Tok can send you expensive gifts. Like 3-4 nights trip package, I-phone, bike, cash etc. Number 3: Offer in movies or TV serials Recently in MTV Love School: Season 4 has just begun. Where Nipun Dhawan and Rowhi Rai got direct entry. Do you know who Rowhi Rai is? Go in Tik Tok and check her fans following. Isn’t it amazing thing. In simple words, the more traffic in your account As much as people watch your videos You can earn same amount of money in same speed as soon as possible. So why you are waiting for. Make your videos in Tik Tok and upload it. And earn a lot of money and get a lot of fame. And one important thing. There is a very funny video on Tic Tok. Coming up on our channel. If you like this video please share it with your friends like and don’t forget to subscribe our channel. Till then.. Bye Bye..

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