COME DIVENTARE FAMOSI SU MUSICAL.LY – iPantellas feat. Iris Ferrari

*song* *song* *song* Ehi Dan, I completed the new script Eh, I completed the new script. what the fuck you did, you wrote the Bible? No, the script of the new video Stop it! Jacopo, enough with these youtube scripts We have to change, we have to progress We have to become musèrS What? Musèrs! Musér, with a French Accent The musicàlly stars Calluses on one’s feet! (in Italian calluses means “calli”, read as “cally” in the word “musically”) Mùsically! Aren’t the ones who lip-sync? Yeah What? We are two old men, what should we do, the musicallys? Come on! YOU are a smelly old man. I spread my fresh energy far and wide With that face? You look like a 45-year-old Shh! Today I’m gonna teach you how to become a real muser You can’t even use facebook Rule number one In order to do a successful musically, first of all you have to find an elegant location in layman’s terms? a random white curtain what, a random white curtain? that one Bah Okay, what about now? Now we have to choose a deep, romantic and meaningful song Like “Always” by Bon Jovi no, a better one “Hey Jude” by The Beatles Better! “You are not alone” by Michael Jackson Better Jacopo, better! We have to find a deep song that goes straight to the people soul, that make them cry “Bohemian rhapsody” by The Queen No! “Sei la mia notifica preferita” by Francesco Sole what the fuck are you saying? *singings* Sei la mia notifica preferita, tu tu tu tu tu Shall I call the urgent care? Don’t you feel any emotions, Jacopo? You can’t understand. This is the future! No, this is total insanity Rule number two While you are lipsyncing, you have to choreograph according to the lyrics in layman’s terms? Dance half-ass what? half-ass? Let’s start! *song* that’s cool! and lively! it seems I’m having seizures Exactly! That’s perfect! What?Perfect? Let’s move on When you don’t longer know what to do in a musically, dance spontaneously that conveys passion an happiness, but at the same time that reassures your followers on your good intentions in layman’s terms? laugh like an asshole in slow motion what? what does it mean? Let’s start! I don’t even know what I should do laugh, laugh, *ahahahah* again, more *ahahahahahah* again again again, more *AHAHAHAHAHA* *song* *song* *song* *song* *song* Brilliant, Jacopo. That’s brilliant! That’s perfect! Come on, I seem an asshole Exactly, and you’re doing great! What are you saying? Come on, stop it Do you know what we’re going to do? The Belly Dance The Belly.. what? Oh, that sucks. Esmeralda! Yeah? Show Jacopo the Belly Dance Okay *song* now it’s your turn! no, thanks, I’m still heterosexual Jacopo, don’t you want to stop to be followed only by the male popolation? Yeah, I’d like to So, mueve la colita *song* That’s a hit! Views, likes, hearts what views, likes and hearts, I suck, come on! Why should I do those things? I want to make short films Okay, maybe you don’t understand. Iris! Hi guys! Who is this girl? She has a thing like a million of followers, and she’s 14 What did you have when you was 14? pimples exactly so what? So, Jacopo, if you want to impress the girls, you have to learn how to do the musicallys Yeah, but I’m no good, Iris Yeah… I can see that So what should I do? Leave it to me or maybe not If you want to be successful, you need the indisputed queen on the musicallys who? The grandmother! Grandma? I’m not the grandmother, I’m the queen of the musers What queen of the musers… you’re 80! But I can dance better than you anyway I’m up for anything, except that an 80-year-old can do musically better than me, it’s totally impossible an asteroid… *song* Hi guys, we are iPantellas, this was “how to become famous on musically” If you liked the video, thumbs up I challenge you, this video with Iris must get 110.000 likes by midnight By midnight Thanks for watching Thank Iris for coming, she’s nice Thanks to you! You can find all the links in the description Iris, if you want to say something.. Thanks for making me partecipate in this video See you soon! Guys, amazing announcement, we are on musically! We’ll make videos with the grandmother because we’re no good at it I’ll teach you! tutorial for begginers We’ll become very good, so follow us See you very soon with other new videos We wanna remind you we are on Colorado every thursday See you soon with a lot of new videos A “pantellian” hello to everyone! If you watched the video until now, comment saying “piante” (plants) It’s the first thing that came to me because there’s a plant behind us Plants What a wise man

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