COLLEGE KIDS REACT TO TOP 10 SONGS OF 2017 (Billboard Hot 100)

– These are the all songs
I heard yesterday. – This came out this year! ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (FBE) So now that we’re
approaching the end of the year, we’re gonna show you
the top 10 songs of 2017 according to the
Billboard Hot 100 Chart. – Whaat?! They’re all gonna
be such basic songs. – We’ll have you rate the songs
between one and 10 based on the number of weeks the song spent in the
Billboard Hot 100’s top 10. So the number one song
spent the most weeks in the top 10, and 10 being
the least amount of weeks spent in the top 10.
If two songs are tied for the same amount of weeks
in the top 10, the ranking will be based on their highest
peak position on the charts. – Oh, this is fun! Okay, I’ve always
wanted to do one of these. – I will probably do terrible. I don’t even know
who is an artist anymore. – I was pretty confident
the last time and then I was off
by one on every single one. – I did pretty decently.
I surprised myself. So hopefully, I’ll do
just as good, if not better. – (FBE) So we’re
gonna give you this. – Oh, you numbered it
for me. So nice. – (FBE) So while you’re watching,
you can start placing the songs where you think they are
in the top 10. – Okay.
– (FBE) Are you ready to do this? – Sure!
– I’m kind of scared. (chuckles) – This is like taking
a test right now that I didn’t study for. – ♪ Yeah, you’re
lookin’ at the truth, the money… ♪
– (singing along) ♪ …never lie ♪ – ♪ No, I’m the one, yeah ♪
– Oh, Chance the Rapper is so foine! Oh my god. – Oh, shit. This was a banger. – I knew Justin Bieber
was gonna be on here. – Justin Bieber. He needs
to just disappear from this planet. – DJ Khaled, another one. – (singing along)
♪ I’m the one, yeah ♪ Shoutout to DJ Khaled
for just finessing this whole collab together. – I’m gonna put this at six. – Two. That might be number–
No, it’s either this or “Despacito.” – Number three.
– Five… ’cause it was on there for a while. – Seven. Maybe it’s just
my own personal preference, that it’s just I don’t feel like
it’d be up there for that long. – (mouthing) ♪ Hey ♪
♪ You make me a, you make me a believer ♪
I love them! – I’ve heard this song so much. – There are certain songs
that just [bleep] pump you up, and this is just one of those. – How old is this song? I feel like this song
has been out forever. – This shit came out this year? Damn, it’s been a long ass year. – (mouthing) ♪ Hey ♪
Sorry, I really love this song. I love Imagine Dragons. – ♪ Believer, believer ♪ – Imagine Dragons always comes out
with songs in the top 10. – I’m gonna put it at seven. – I’ll put it right above
“I’m the One,” and I’ma put five.
– We’re gonna throw it at number 10. – Number eight,
’cause it was popular, but it wasn’t THAT popular. – ♪ Said little bitch ♪
– YOOOO! – Ugh, I don’t like this song. – Is this that Cardi B girl? Eh,
she’s just a knock-off Nicki Minaj. – (rapping along)
♪ I don’t wanna choose ♪ ♪ And I’m quick ♪
– ♪ Cut a [bleep] off ♪ ♪ So don’t get comfortable ♪ – Brooklin would be
going nuts right now. – (rapping along)
♪ I make money move ♪ ♪ Ay, ay ♪
♪ I don’t gotta dance ♪ ♪ I make money move ♪ – I love Cardi B.
– ♪ …that means I don’t [bleep[ with you ♪
– Who is this chick? Who is she?
– (FBE) Cardi B. – Cardi B? I’ve never
even heard of her. – I’ma just put it at
number two for now. – A nine.
– Six. I hear this every now and again,
but not as much anymore. – Five. It’s newer, so it
didn’t have enough time to chart as much
as maybe some other ones. – ♪ I’m in love
with the shape of you ♪ – (gasps) I love this song. – This one’s catchy.
I kind of like this one. – (mouthing) ♪ I’m in love
with your body ♪ – Me and Alex
made a music video– I mean, not a music video,
a to this. (laughs) – ♪ Put that body on me ♪
♪ Come on now, follow my lead ♪ ♪ …discovering something
brand new ♪ – And he’s so handsome.
He is so handsome. To me. My mom
thinks he looks ugly. – Ed Sheeran’s such a boss.
I love how [bleep] tatted he is. – Three. No matter what,
you always hear that song. – Number four. I’m gonna put
“Shape of You” as number one. – Number one, because everyone has heard this song
10 million times. – I’ma put my boy at number one. If you leave the house, you’re gonna
listen to this song somewhere. – ♪ Despacito ♪
– There we go. (chuckles) – Number one.
– This song did numbers on Billboard.
– This was on the radio everywhere, like, all over the world. – (singing along)
♪ …conmigo ♪ ♪ Despacito ♪
– It’s so catchy. (laughs) Even I have to dance to it.
– It’s only because Justin Bieber’s in the song that it’s on this list. – ♪ …manuscrito ♪
– Sube, sube, sube ♪ – I’m gonna say
that one’s number seven. – It was just so popular. So I’m gonna put number three.
– Four. I love the original one way better.
– I’m putting this at number five, because in the last challenge,
I had way too much faith in this song and it cost me a point. – ♪ Oh, I want
something just like this ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Doo doo
doo, doo doo doo ♪ – This song’s so simple,
but… so good. – (singing along) ♪ Oh,
I want something just like this ♪ – Oh, I heard this before.
– This song was everywhere. – I hate the Chainsmokers
so much. I hate them. – ♪ I want something
just like this ♪ – I love this song. – I love the Chainsmokers
and Chris Martin. – I’ma put it at a 10.
– Number seven. This is so hard. I’m the
worst decision maker in the world. – ♪ Raindrops, drop top, drop top ♪
♪ Smokin’ on cookie in the hotbox ♪ – (sighs)
– Ooh! (laughs) – (rapping along)♪ [Bleep] on
your bitch, she a thot, thot, thot ♪ – [Bleep]! This came out this year! – ♪ …bad and boujee ♪
– (laughs) I forgot about this song. – This is very, very popular. – ♪ My bitch is bad and boujee ♪ – Shit. I saw that live,
and it was oh my god, incredible. – I’m gonna put this at three.
– 10. I feel like it had its reign,
and its reign is long gone. – “Bad and Boujee,”
number two. Song that revolutionized everything. – Eight for me.
It was really big, but I feel like it was only big
in my community, because I didn’t–
when I sang it to other people, they were like,
“Bad and what?” – ♪ You deserve it, baby ♪
♪ You deserve it all ♪ – I love this song so much. – Ah, Bruno! – This is still on the radio. – ♪ …champagne all night ♪
– I’ve never heard this song. – This music video’s so sick.
He’s such a good dancer. – (singing along) ♪ Lucky
for you that’s what i like ♪ ♪ That’s what I like ♪
– Does he always wear sunglasses in every one of
his videos? (chuckles) – That’s’ my number one,
’cause you know Bruno holds on to those charts
like it’s his baby. – I’m just gonna put it
at 10 and then I’ll change it. – Let me put it at number three.
Bruno Mars just deserves to be in the top three
in my opinion. I don’t care what nobody say.
– I’m gonna put it as number two. – Number two, ’cause I feel like there’s something which is
played a little bit more. – ♪ You are ♪
– (singing along) ♪ Unforgettable ♪ – (singing along) ♪ I need
to get you alone ♪ This one is still charting. – ♪ Why not? ♪
♪ A [bleep] good time never hurt nobody ♪
– I really like this song. – This is my jam. – These are all the songs
I heard yesterday driving home. – ♪ Oh, oh,
like we in a hurry ♪ – ♪ No, no, I won’t tell nobody ♪ – Okay, I’m just
gonna write it as a three and change my mind later. – Nine, just because I don’t
really hear that song that often. – I have two and 10, and those
are two completely opposite ends of the spectrum.
For now, I’m gonna put it at 10. – Two. The last one,
I have no choice but to put it at one.
– We have one more left, huh? It’s Taylor Swift. – ♪ My left stroke… ♪ – (rapping along)
♪ …just went viral ♪ Yeah, number two fo sho. – ♪ My left stroke just went… ♪
– SHIT! DANG IT! I’m not even gonna write that as 10.
That’s just mean. – Shit, or damn. – ♪ There’s levels to it,
you and I know ♪ – Be hum– everyone
was singing this. – (rapping along)
♪ Sit down, be humble ♪ – ♪ Holla, bitch ♪
♪ Sit down ♪ – I reacted to this, too. You know what Kendrick just did?
Kendrick just did that. – ♪ Bitch, sit down ♪
♪ Holla, holla, little bitch ♪ ♪ Holla ♪
– That song… okay, I feel like that’s good for number eight.
– I only have one spot. Kendrick at number four.
– I put [bleep] “Believer” and “Unforgettable” above Kendrick. – I think I need to
change some of these. – (FBE) So now that you’ve
watched through all of these, we’re gonna give you a chance
to make changes. – Okay. I’m gonna go… Okay, “Despacito,”
for sure number one. – I’m actually pretty content with “That’s What I Like”
being number one. – “Bodak Yellow,” that’s
probably number one. – All right, done. I had to do
a lot of changing on this one. I hopefully get at least one or two. – I feel good about this.
It’s probably not all right, but I think some of ’em are right. – All right, before we start,
I’d like to say that I think I got ’em all right. – (FBE) Starting at number 10… is “Believer” by Imagine Dragons.
(buzzer) – No.
– Noo! – Oh [bleep]. (chuckles)
I’m already way messed up. – Noo! I just switched it! – I got that.
– Woo! Off the bat.
One point for Labib. I already did better
than last time. I’m good. – (FBE) Number nine
is “Bad and Boujee” by Migos. – Really?!
– Oh my god. (buzzer)
– (groans) I was so close! (buzzer)
– No. (laughs) (buzzer)
– Two wrong for Tom. – (FBE) So the next two slots
are actually tied, Both of the next two songs
spent 15 weeks in the top 10, but they also both
peaked at number one. So if you had either
of the two following songs at number eight or seven,
you’re gonna get a point. – Yay.
– (FBE) Number eight, “I’m the One,” by DJ Khaled.
featuring Justin Bieber. – Ha, ha, nope.
– Let’s go. – Oh, cool. All right.
– Okay, I put that as seven, so I get the point? Hell yeah!
(ding) i literally put that
as number eight. Look at me. – (FBE) Number seven
is “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar. – Yay!
– Yo. (laughs) – What?!
– You [bleep] kidding me?! – Are you kidding me?!
You knocked out my number two and three?! – (FBE) Number six is
“Unforgettable” by French Montana. – Wow.
– Still zero. (ding)
– Did I get that? Yes, I did! Let’s go! (ding)
– Yes! I have two points! – (FBE) Number five
is “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B. – Ah, so close!
– Dude! I had “Bodak Yellow” at number five!
– I put “Bodak Yellow” at four. – (groans) Dammit. I thought I was gonna
at least get that one. – (FBE) Number four
is “Something Like This” by the Chainsmokers
featuring Coldplay. – I’m surprised.
– I put that as the least. (laughs) – I put it at the bottom.
– (groans) I’m doing terrible. – (FBE) Number three
is “Despacito Remix” by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee,
and Justin Bieber. – What the hell is number one? (buzzer)
– ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! – This time I had
the opposite problem, and I underestimated it.
– I still have one shot. (ding)
– YES! I got it! I’m proud. – (FBE) Number two
is “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars.
– That was the worst one. (buzzer)
– (crying) Noo! – [Bleep]! My number two
was “Shape of You” and then my number one
was “That’s What I Like.” (ding)
– I’m a genius! I got the top three! – (FBE) Number one
is “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran with over 33 weeks in the top 10,
which actually breaks the record for the most weeks in the
Billboard Hot 100’s Top 10 ever. – Really?!
– Ed Sheeran is the GOAT, man. The ginger GOAT. (buzzer)
– I almost had two points! – I got that.
– I knew Ed had to be number one. There is no way that he couldn’t.
Man! I don’t even care about the last ones
that I got wrong. I got the top three right. – I literally got one point. I was expecting to get zero,
so I did pretty good. – [Bleep] pissed.
I don’t like to lose. How is “Despacito Remix”
not number one? – Every time Ed Sheeran
puts out a song, all the single little girls
just go over him. They’re like, “Oh my god. I want someone to feel
this way about me.” No offense, Ed Sheeran.
I love your music. I listen to it all the time,
because I’m single. – Thanks for watching
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