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(applause) – Chanel, there’s a song that you put out not that long ago called
“The Middle,” right? And now, you sang. You sang your heart out. Why did you choose to go for the full singing route, instead of rapping? – I, I’ve always been a singer, but I didn’t know how
to write singing songs. That’s why I started writing raps, and I was feeling like I should start writing singing songs, so I decided to take a little bit more time and write a singing song. (laughs) (audience laughs) – I really like it, right?
– [Chanel] Thank you. – And I like the message, right? What is the core of the song? What does “The Middle,” what is “The Middle,” exactly? – It’s about being stuck
in the middle, you know? Like, I, I’m in the middle of a really great place and
a really (beep) place. – [Rob] Okay, yeah. – So that, that’s really what it’s about. – Okay, well look, this category, dedicated to your amazing singing voice — – [Chanel] Thank you. – And the song “The Middle,” is just people that are, literally, stuck, okay? (Chanel laughs) Literally stuck dead in the middle. – (laughs) Take a look at “Stuck in the Middle.” (audience cheers) (Heavy Metal music) – [Rob] Awww, Debbie! Stop, Debbie! – Oh, my God! – [Rob] Oh, here comes the manager! Look, I’ve seen this before. – (laughs) – What is going on? – You know, she grabbed the trash can top and was like, “yo, we
can do something crazy! (audience laughs) “Oh, I’m a piece of trash!” And there you go, she’s stuck. Everyone’s in a panic. “What do we do? “The Jaws of Life!” (audience laughs) – [Sterling] Oh, (beep).
– [Chanel] Oh! – Best way to see the city.
– (laughs) – [Rob] Aw, man, what’s happened here? – Oh, that can’t be real. – [Rob] Man, I just love it’s like, “I’mma hop right out I’m not even “gonna get out, oh! “Goddammit. “I’mmma be stuck!” – Why didn’t he go in the other way? Like, why did he try to,
like, go in like that? – Look, you know, I think part of being stuck is making bad decisions, okay? (audience laughs) – [Rob And Sterling] Aw, man. – [Sterling] He’s got a back brace. (audience laughs) – All phones down now. – All phones down.
(audience laughs) Brad’s not gonna be
embarrassed about this one. (Chanel laughs) – [Recorder] That is no kidding. This squirrel’s balls — (audience groans)
– Oh, oh, oh! Oh, whoa! – I feel so bad.
– Whoa! – When you’re just a
squirrel and your nuts get to hanging, man,
(beep) can get dangerous. (audience laughs)
– Oh, man. – Like, how can you film that? That’s like, so sad. Like, help the little guy! – How would you not film this? (audience laughs) – Look, this is great
debate in our society today. To film or not to film, okay? – (laughs) – I stand on both sides. (audience laughs) This squirrel’s nuts are caught, you gotta get it on camera, okay? (audience laughs) But after you get some good angles, some solid footage, just get up there and give him a little pop. – (laughs) – There you have it for
“Stuck in the Middle.” (audience cheers) Sterling, would you rather be described as graceful, or elegant? – Uh, why can’t I have both? (audience laughs) – Oh, would you consider yourself an elegant man? – At times.
(audience laughs) At times I think I am. – Okay. And how would you describe yourself when you’re being elegant? – I don’t, I don’t know. – [Rob] What would you be doing? – I feel like I just
carry myself in a very — – Elegant manner? – Yeah
(audience laughs) – Okay, well look. Just like Sterling,
everybody in this category has male elegance. Take a look. (audience cheers) – [Rob] Oh, oh, oh! – Damn! Damn! That’s my spirit animal, right there! (audience laughs) I wish I could be that man. (audience laughs) That’s amazing! Oh, beached! (audience laughs) That’s me! That’s 100% me! – [Rob] He said, “hold on
let me catch my breath. “This is the Beached Seal look.” (Chanel laughs) Uh-oh. – [Chanel] Oh, my God!
– [Rob] Oh! Oh, whoa!
– [Sterling] Man! – [Chanel] Why does he look like the dad from “Family Guy?” (laughs) – [Rob] Man. Set your panties to wet, ladies. (Chanel laughs) Man. – Yo, hey.
– I mean, honestly — – Say what you want, but my man Beyonce status with this (beep). – He is! I can’t even dance like
that in heels like that he’s killin’ it. – He big as (beep).
(audience laughs) – I think — – [Sterling] No he limber as a bitch. – I think like, in his spirit he’s small. – Oh, he used to be small 100%. – [Chanel] I don’t know, I get a big spirit-type out of — – No, he used to be small. You don’t hop up like that — – [Rob] Look — – [Sterling] He used to
be small at one point. – [Rob] Man.
– [Sterling] Hey! – [Rob] That’s what it takes.

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