Callie Lee Picks a Really Challenging Song – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

♪ What you sippin’ on
that got you talking crazy? ♪ ♪ Lookin’ at me sideways,
always coming at me ♪ ♪ Why you, why you actin’ hard
when you just a baby? ♪ ♪ Boy, I keep it real with you ♪ But you trying to play me ♪ Have you lost your mind? ♪ Open up your eyes Hunh!
Hey! ♪ You must have confused me,
confused me with someone else ♪ ♪ You must have confused me,
confused me with someone else ♪ ♪ There ain’t no excuses,
excuses, baby ♪ ♪ ‘Cause your mama raised you
better, better than that ♪ Hunh! ♪ Your mama raised yo-o-u,
uh-huh ♪ ♪ Mama, she raised yo-o-u,
you better ♪ ♪ She raised you better ♪ Your mama raised you
better than tha-a-a-t ♪ I was so close. [ Cheers and applause ] Oh! Ah, I was so close! John: Hello. Hi. What is your name,
and where are you from? My name is Callie Lee.
I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. First of all, I’m sorry
that no one turned around. You picked a really challenging
song to try to sing. Because it’s so staccato
and it jumps around a lot, it’s hard for us
to pin down exactly what your voice
sounds like. Gotcha. I was so close. Like, they will tell you,
my hand was hovering. But I got a little worried
’cause of the breath control. Like, it just — it was almost
like you were out of breath, and that was the only time that you would go off-key
a little bit. But I think that
you’re really, really good, and I’m so sorry
none of us turned around. That’s a bummer. Thank you so much,
Callie. Thank you guys so much. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪♪ Come back and see us. Oh, yeah.

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