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Nobody, tells you when you go chasing your dreams Then it’s much harder than it seems on the screens fake magazines on the shelf your only live with yourself And nobody’s here to make friends Killing yourself to make, ends meet i’m tired and all that I’ve seen That is so pretty ricky, you’re an exceptional, songwriter thank you i Related to it so much i moved here when i was 17 And was just grinding and it felt very lonely at times and i felt very lost I hear, my, own story in that song and that’s what great songwriting does as a as a. Songwriter speaking to a Songwriter you’re a, songwriter wow thank you so much really crazy coming from you it’s Blowing, my mind i know you are really good Into you i’m a. Big-time yes thank you so much yes for me and it’s a yes you’re Going to hollywood come on you are So thank you so much i’m having the best day of my life How you doing, oh good how are you Fantastic what’s your name i’m johnny, brad from florida how, tall are you 6 5, oh? Let’s hear you sing alright this one is an original written about lady a Lady, always the case it’s called, blue, jeans but i might have to change the name cuz I guess a lot of songs are called, blue, jeans ha ha ha she’s got them bow ties welcome in me Feeling of summits armed against, justin she’s got them. Blue, jeans and a little white It seems that every time i wonder how, we end things I’m falling hard i Can’t help her love and as the music starts to slow i Can’t seem to let you go And i’m blind i see you blind i’m blind and i died for you died for you died i didn’t lie, you with me – no I’m blind, whew Adjani, that’s good man my biological mom had me at a very young, age she, was 15 or 16 When she had me i guess she just felt like, she wouldn’t be able to give, me the life, that somebody, else could so she Supposedly, traded me for a car, to some family in birmingham that Person, wasn’t capable of taking care of a baby so a short time later i was adopted Patricia elder raised, me no father in the house most of the time she worked two Jobs just to make sure that i could play those sports and do all those extra things that everybody, else was doing my, mom, was first diagnosed with breast cancer When i was 14 she was? Cancer-free for two or three years and then the cancer came back it got to the point, where there, was nothing they could do anymore It was tough tough for me it was tough for my, whole family And that’s really, when i turned to music mom got me my first guitar that christmas it was just cheap guitar and i started playing and i was really terrible at it i Started singing a lot in front of her she liked it so i just kept singing My, mom’s battle with cancer ended and she passed away in april of 2016 Without, her there’s no telling, where i’d be right now You know she provided, me with a stable home, and worked very hard to get me where i’m at today Man i don’t know, if i’ve ever heard a, story like that so me either I guess it makes you a lot stronger in life, huh, yeah Yeah, stronger i guess humble blessed to be here so, well no matter what happens here Today man congrats on being here thank what a, what a ride and? What are you singing for us today i’m actually, gonna sing an original, song it’s called Gone it’s like a tribute song that i wrote for my mom okay, oh? Let’s hear i know i can go i can give you, everything that i had anymore all that i ever asked was for you to give me everything you had Cuz, the, days are getting shorter It’s a nice scroll long And i sit alone all day Just to ride in these song But i can’t see you anymore cuz of your up dog your uncle When i was a young, boy, you took, me in and loved me as your, own The ladies love that anyone can ever know Is the love from a mother’s heart though, we are far apart i know, oh? As it is for my guitar i look up at the star you’re finally home i know i can no i can give you, everything that i have oh brandon I’m honestly honored you, did something few people can, do you wrote a song Magically, from the heart that had two chords you just slayed it my opinion but you, say well that’s okay, baby just tell me where you’ll be This is control Since just now right My, world my oh you have Now, what i want to do is get up close to you? Because when you have that kind of sounds i’m just checking for an extra volume not somewhere Got a gun, loaded he don’t even know, why, but i’m about to go sell him now You, have pink sounds opposed and power lines coming every single it at this town And then i’ll go back a relax a lawn, chair feeder yeah i got price tag trash bag You, own a 67 lipper phone if it’s got to stick around it’s as good as gone retail That’s a really, well-written song good line chorus is really well written? What, was the big what, was the line toward the end of the course yeah Like very real details in that song the parallels were fabulous, and first, what do i do i oh wow Hi, everybody here we go howdy? What’s? Your name katie with the senior katie with the k and i already think this friendship off to a great start I don’t drink coffee Or any caffeine this is just pure like adrenaline Like, let’s let’s hit it let’s go, okay, pull your hop Back just a little bit more than i throw it to the side there so, we can, put some money in it all right you, guys ready, oh yeah i have a question um Do you, write your, own songs yeah yeah, we want to hear 21st century machine 21st century machine it’s kind of about how Media affected me when i was an impressionable young child, and kind of like, my bitter myths to it but it will Also, sound like a gosh darn genius Here’s the intro People on the airwaves always preach who i should be how to dress how To, talk, baby how to breathe, we get artists? Use they’re limber fingers to pick pictures of what your girls are to spider-man, city Someone tell me this is all in allusion or if i’m just a cog, in the 21st century machine It’s the place to be in the 20% Really, light and carrion sleep yeah, okay That is such a? Good song you’re a spectacular? songwriter i love where your mind’s eye i think Man let’s just comment. Yes katie saying it you are interesting and brilliant beyond your years Yeah, i love you the sound of your voice every once in a while you know a a martian lands and We happened to see the martian i cannot tell you how, wonderful it is to see you all right I’m just fascinated with. Your brain and your writing is Crazy great, okay? So that’s, my that’s, my kind of take a vote do you have a. Cell, phone or That instagram and all that you read all that garbage, yeah, cheese scrolls just go Yeah, i’m saying yes You, don’t go and read anything, what people say About you because i don’t want the outside world to mess with your beautiful brain that strong weight she knows What it’s your answer i am actually pleased to say for my first time out yes absolutely i Think, your point of view is very fresh and necessary? You understand what it means to be a female this, day, and age and i love that so you’re going to hollywood? Smart i got 3 s’s i got i’m getting emotional just thinking, about it it was um it was really nice you

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