Best Disney Songs Ft. Mulan, The Lion King, Tarzan (Sharing Buds)

– What’s up, everybody?
Welcome to Sharing Buds. This is our show, where we listen
and make connections through music. But we’re bringing on some guests.
And for this episode, we have Brittany, Ashly, and Mary.
And the genre we’re gonna be covering is songs from Disney movies,
which I’m very, very excited for, because we’re gonna feel
like kids again. Also, comment down below
what genre we should cover next. There’s also a Spotify link
in the description below for all the songs that
are in this episode. But for now, let’s get into it. Okay, so we’re gonna go into
three audience picks, and then it’ll be your pick,
and then it’ll be my pick. So, feel free to be
as judgy as you want. – Okay.
– I know you’re a big Disney nerd, but really give it to people
if they’re not bringing it. – ♪ Let’s get down to business ♪
– This was gonna be one of my picks!
– Really? – (both sing along) ♪ To defeat ♪
– (both sing along) ♪ The Huns ♪ – Did we just…? (laughs)
– Yeah, you have to! How else are we gonna
fight the Huns? I think Mulan is just one
of those movies that’s incredible and badass, and then this song
just kills it. – It’s so good. And Mulan
is just a strong character. She’s the first princess
that didn’t sing about being in love with a dude.
– Oh, yeah. – And it’s just so dope.
This is her anthem. – This is like, I have to
get up and dance and like… – Yeah, this is…
– …kick somebody’s ass. – …the workout song.
This is the I can do anything I want in the world song.
This is the y’all better watch out, ’cause I’m gonna beat someone up song.
– Yes! – All of the Mulan songs,
I really know and I really like. – They’re great. This one,
I for sure probably have watched like 20, 30 times. – (both sing along) ♪ The moon ♪ – Yeah, I think, honestly,
we could just end it here. This is the best Disney song, I think.
– (Mary) It’s so good. It’s like, this is the one
that I was really hoping we would play today,
and it’s like the first one right out of the gate.
– It’s a good way to start the episode.
– It’s a good way to start everything. – Okay, but Mulan–
so, this is your mom’s favorite movie?
– Yes, this is my mom’s favorite movie. Everyone knows.
My mom was obsessed with Mulan, because Mulan was a bad bitch.
She was like, “I want that, so I’m gonna do it.”
And so then, that’s very my mom. – (FBE) So, since it’s normally
kids will make their parents watch a ton of their movies
over and over again, was hers Mulan’s for you,
and it was like, “Let’s watch this over and over again”?
– Definitely. But I think it was a win-win, ’cause regardless,
I’m really grateful my whole family loves Disney.
So, it was always just, like, “Yeah, let’s watch Mulan,”
“Yeah, let’s watch Mulan. Awww.
(sings along) ♪ There’s a prize for rotten judgment ♪
– How do you know it right at the beginning? That’s so impressive.
– Because I love this! I love– ahh!
(sings along) ♪ Already won that ♪ – Do you know the Disneymania CDs?
– Yes! – So, I think it was–
was it Ashley Tisdale? I think Ashley Tisdale
did a cover of this song. – Oh my god.
– And I was obsessed with it, and that’s the reason that I know–
– I totally had one of those CDs. – I love Megara so much.
Again, such another badass female character.
– Yeah! – Plus, her hair, that ponytail.
Any time I do a high pony, I’m like, “This is who
I wanna be. This is how I want it to look.”
– “I wanna look just like Meg.” – (laughs) Exactly.
– I think honestly just after listening to this,
I need to watch Hercules more. I feel like I’d really
enjoy it as a kid. I mean, I feel like I’d really
enjoy it as an adult now, but as a kid, it just–
I liked my princess movies so much more that I didn’t
really care for Hercules. – Yeah, I feel that.
– Now my taste has changed a little bit, ’cause I grew up
with a lot of the older Disney movies, so Sleeping Beauty, Snow White.
– Yeah. – But now I find those a little bit
more boring, and I want more of the adventurous ones.
– Yeah! That’s so crazy, because I feel like now I look back,
and I’m like… like, I don’t know if I can sit through
Sleeping Beauty… – Yeah.
– …’cause it’s so slow-paced, but I don’t know.
I wanna say my favorite Disney movie is Tarzan.
– Ooh. – Tarzan and the Lion King
are like… – The adventurous ones! The adventurous movies.
– The adventures! The jungle! – (both laugh)
– I always liked this one too, because I kind of liked
the bitterness and confusion of it of like, “No, no, no,
I’m not gonna fall for that hopeless romantic [bleep].
That’s not me,” ’cause that was so me in high school,
and then I get into my first real relationship,
and I’m like, “Ooh, gooey feelings! What is this?”
– (laughs) That’s so cute. – ♪ Hakuna matata ♪
– Hell yeah. – (sings along) ♪ What
a wonderful phrase ♪ – (both sing along) ♪ Hakuna
matata ♪ ♪ Ain’t no passing phase ♪
– So, the Lion King is actually the first memory
I have of seeing a movie in theaters. – Really?
– And it was in the middle of this song, and Pumbaa’s
telling a story, and he’s like– Timon’s like, “Pumbaa!
Not in front of the kids.” I leaned over to my dad,
and I was like, “Daddy, how did they know
kids were gonna see this?” And he was like, “Oh my god. My [bleep] child’s so dumb.”
– How old were you? Do you remember? – I was four.
– (both sing along) ♪ It’s a problem-free philosophy ♪
♪ Hakuna matata ♪ – I need to stop doing that.
♪ (record scratch) ♪ It’s not 2017 anymore.
– So, what do you remember from the Lion King
when you watched it as a kid? Were you just as sad during
the Mufasa part? (chuckles) – I don’t think that
it registered to me that that’s what was happening.
– Really? – I was such a naive,
innocent little child that nothing bad
really registered in my brain. And then watching it older,
like as a teenager in high school or whatever,
I was like (gasps) “No!” And I just cried.
– So, it was until you were a teenager that you finally cried over the movie.
– I was devastated. Yeah. I was devastated,
’cause as a little kid, I didn’t understand why
this warthog and this meerkat were taking care of this lion cub,
and now I’m like, “Oh no, his daddy died.”
– I remember too just the phrase, growing up with it.
My mom and I would say it to each other all the time,
like, “Hakuna matata. It’s okay” any time something bothered me
or something. Like, when something dumb bothered me,
it was like, “Tori, hakuna matata.” – That’s really sweet.
And now, there are those T-shirts that say “Hakuna some vodka.”
– (laughs) I didn’t know that! – They’re great.
– Oh my god. – I recommend you get one
for your next Disney trip. – That’s so funny.
– Timon and Pumbaa are such a great side-character duo.
– Yeah. They really are. – I think out of all
the side characters in Disney movies, they’re the best.
– Oh, for sure. – Okay. So now, best part of this.
We’re gonna go into your pick. – Yay! Okay.
– I’m very excited about this. I want you to just geek out
as much as you want. – Oh, I will.
– ♪ But who cares? ♪ – (sings along) ♪ No big deal ♪ – (both sing along) ♪ I want more ♪ – This song was almost
cut from this movie. – Oh, how?!
– (Mary) Yeah. – Why would they– what?!
– So, it’d be rough animated. It hadn’t been colored yet.
And it was in a screening. And some little kid was
paying attention to his popcorn and not watching the movie.
And so, Jeffrey Katzenberg, who was the director at the time,
was basically like, “We have to cut this song.
It’s boring. Children don’t like it.”
– What the hell?! – (sings along) ♪ They understand ♪
♪ Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters ♪
– Ah. – (sing along) ♪ Bright young women ♪
♪ Sick of swimmin’ ♪ ♪ Ready to stand ♪
– I’m getting chills. That’s how much I love this song.
– The Little Mermaid, it’s– it was a huge part
of my life growing up. She’s one of my absolute
favorite Disney characters. The songs in this film
are incredible. I mean, obviously,
this one is so good. But also, “Poor Unfortunate Souls.”
– Oh, I love that one. – Ahhh! Ursula’s such a boss.
And I mean, it was just one of those that the story
and the visuals, all of it really stuck with me
from the time that I was a little kid. And returning to it as an adult,
I loved it just as much as I did then. I really identified with her
on a level of wanting more than what was presented to you
and also this idea of being 16 and wanting to be your own person
and make your own choices and your parents not being
down with that yet. Of course, I go back as an adult
and I’m like, “Lady, you are 16! Behave yourself!
– ♪ Three of a kind ♪ – Oh my god. We needed some
Nightmare Before Christmas in here. – (sings along) ♪ La, la, la ♪
♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ When he comes a-sniffing we will ♪
♪ Sound the trap and close the gate ♪ – I’m surprised this movie
didn’t freak me out as a kid, ’cause I was so susceptible
to things like that, but this one, for some reason,
just didn’t scare me, but I still loved it.
– My boyfriend saw it for the first time last week…
– Holy crap. – …whenever we went to see it
at the theater, and he goes, “You’re demented.”
And I was like, “What do you mean?” – So then, is this one
of your favorite Disney movies? – Oh, absolutely.
Anything scary, creepy. I love claymation
and stop motion and everything, so I think that’s another thing
that draws me to it, and just anything Tim Burton really. – ♪ I will be here ♪
– (sings along) ♪ Don’t you cry ♪ I’ma cry!
– Phil Collins. His voice is so relaxing
throughout this whole movie. – This whole soundtrack for Tarzan
is just relaxing and soothing and Phil Collins is just
an amazing producer and singer and artist
and everything that he is. – So, is Tarzan
your favorite Disney movie? – Tarzan for sure is my,
I wanna say, number one favorite Disney movie.
It’s a movie I’ve seen back to back to back to back.
I wanna say a strong, strong second is the Lion King.
– Okay. – But Tarzan just has
a special place in my heart. – It’s just sweet.
I definitely watched this one a lot, but now,
even just listening to all this music and this one especially,
I wanna rewatch it again. – Now we’re gonna go into my pick.
– Okay, yes. – And you, as a Disney expert,
I’m hoping to impress you. – Oh my god.
– So, we’ll see how this goes. – I’m so excited. Okay.
– (Tiana) Mama! – (sighs happily) I’m so glad
this is the one you picked. – I’m so glad that
you also agree with me, though,
how underrated Princess and the Frog is.
– It’s so good! Oprah is in this movie! – Oh my god!
– (Mary) Oprah! Like… I love her.
– This song is the one that hits the closest for me
that I just adore. – (both sing along) ♪ Trials
and tribulations ♪ ♪ I’ve had my share ♪
– I love the working hard but with a smile on your face still.
It’s very just, like, “I’m excited to get to that point in my life
that I wanna be at.” And that’s the most exciting thing,
because you can get down on yourself if you’re working too hard,
but it’s still just, like, I see the goals that I wanna meet,
and I love the whole positivity of it. – Beyoncé just assumed
that she would get this role and refused to audition for it.
– Are you serious? – And they basically were like,
“If you’re not gonna audition, we’re not gonna give it to you.”
And she was shocked that she didn’t get to be this princess.
– Oh my god. – And she and Anika Noni Rose
were in Dreamgirls together… – Ohhh.
– …so then that was a whole piece of it too that she was like,
“I can’t believe you did not pick me,” but Anika went through rounds
and rounds and rounds of auditions. – Yeah.
– Like, Kristen Bell for Frozen, she’d auditioned for Tangled first.
You go through so many rounds to be a Disney princess.
– Yeah! – And so, when Lion King came around,
Beyoncé was like, “I’ll audition!” – “I’ll audition this time.”
(chuckles) – “I’ll audition this time!”
– And I love Beyoncé, but honestly, I’m so glad
that it wasn’t her that ended up being Tiana
just because her voice just matches so perfectly
that I couldn’t imagine it being anybody else.
– I might’ve been cheating a little bit, ’cause I think
this is technically a Disney Channel Original Movie, but…
Or may– No, it’s not. This was totally in theaters.
Okay, cool. I’ll give you a hint.
It’s from the Goofy Movie. – (Ashly) Oh!
– I’ll give you another hint. This is a Powerline song! (laughs)
I don’t know what it is about A Goofy Movie
that I loved so much. Oh my god, and then the dancing,
this whole thing. Powerline was [bleep] great.
Hell yeah. Hell yeah. [Bleep] it up.
[Bleep] it up, Powerline! What’s your favorite thing,
I guess, about Disney songs and Disney movies in general?
– I just love how most of them are so whimsical,
and they bring you to another world.
They make you feel– Oh, hello.
– Oh, no! – Or goodbye, rather.
– All right, hold on. (beep) – I think the whole premise
of Disney itself is to let you be a kid and let you
feel like you’re a kid again and not have to worry
about adult problems. – No, I think
that’s the biggest thing. Now, the older I get,
the more serious life seems to be now, where it’s like
everything matters and I have to get
my [bleep] together and stuff like that.
But then it’s nice to have Disney music and Disney movies
to kind of fall back on and go, “Yeah, okay, I’ll deal
with that later, but let me put on Mulan for a second.”
– (Ashly) Yes. – ♪ Remember me ♪
– This is from Coco? – Yeah!
– I just watched it– nooo! – It’s okay! It’s okay!
– No, I’m gonna cr– Tori, I’m about to cry!
– (both laugh) – I don’t think I was expecting it
to be as deep as that movie was. – (both sing along) ♪ Remember ♪ – ♪ Me ♪
– Aw. This is when he’s singing to Coco.
– Yeah! My heart! – This movie blows me away,
’cause I remember when it first started.
The opening scene just when you’re seeing all
the Dia de los Muertos decorations and stuff,
even though I never celebrated Dia de los Muertos,
it was the fact that I was seeing places and locations that looked a lot
like my cousins’ homes or places that I’ve been to in Mexico that I–
I cried so much just throughout the whole first 10 minutes,
’cause I just couldn’t believe that I could see such
a beautiful depiction of Mexican culture and a lot…
– Like, spot on. – …of the locations
that I’ve been to and have gotten to experience with my family.
– Yeah. Another good song that I played in my car constantly,
“Un Poco Loco.” – (both) ♪ Un poco loco ♪
– ♪ Poquititito loco ♪ I love that song.
– I was almost gonna choose that one too, but then I–
– You would’ve heard my scream a little.
♪ Ahhh ♪ – The grito?
– El grito. – ♪ Un poco loco ♪ (laughs)
– ♪ Poquititititititititito loco ♪ – I can never do it.
I had one friend that could do it really well,
the ah-ho-ho-hoy! – ♪ (squeals high note) ♪
– (both laugh) – That’s it for this episode
of Sharing Buds. I hope you guys enjoyed it.
It’s always real nice just to hear everyone’s favorite Disney movies
and songs, ’cause it makes me really warm inside
and really nostalgic. But my favorite audience pick is probably gonna be
“Be a Man” from Mulan. And my favorite guest pick is gonna be “Part of Your World”
from The Little Mermaid, ’cause it’s a great movie,
and it’s a great scene. Also, comment down below
what genre we should cover next. There’s also a Spotify link
in the description below for all the songs
that are in this episode. See you next time. Bye!

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