Audience Suggestion Box: Trace Adkins Sings Breaking Bad Theme Song

-♪ Look into the box ♪ ♪ The suggestion box ♪ -This first one here
is from Mia Cicero. “Hey, Jimmy,
I hear if you dim the lights and say ‘Rockefeller’
three times, the ghost of Rockefeller Center
will appear. Can you try this?” I don’t think that’s true,
but, um, I can try. Can we —
Can we dim the lights? Rockefeller, Rockefeller,
Rockefeller. [ Thunder crashes ] -Hello, Jimmy. I’m the ghost
of Rockefeller Center. -Oh, my God. W-What are you doing here?
W-What do you want? -I have haunted
these halls for years, but since you ask, real quick,
what is your Wi-Fi password? [ Laughter ]
-I’m sorry. What? -Well, it can get pretty boring
roaming the halls, and I’m spending
a fortune on data keeping up with
my Insta stories. -Um, totally. It’s — it’s…
NBC 2019, 14 zeros… lowercase “n,” uppercase “Y.” -So lowercase “n”? [ Laughter ] -Yes. -14 zeros, yes? -Yeah, come on. Yeah.
-Ah, I’m connected! Finally! After 60 years,
I have Internet! I’m going to go binge
“Nailed It!” on Netflix. Piece out.
-All right, bye, ghost. [ Cheers and applause ] Glad I could help him out. Next on here is from
Diana Brennan. “Hey, Jimmy, I’m really excited for that new ‘Breaking Bad’
movie to come out on Netflix this weekend. I love ‘Breaking Bad’
theme song, but I noticed
it doesn’t have any lyrics. Could you do anything
about that?” Absolutely. I can’t wait for it, either.
It looks great. So in honor of “El Camino:
A Breaking Bad Movie,” please welcome country-music
superstar Trace Adkins joined by
the “Breaking Bad” choir. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -♪ Was a high school teacher
till he got real sick ♪ -♪ Now he’s breaking bad,
now he’s breaking bad ♪ -♪ Aaron Paul was his friend
who called everybody bitch ♪ -♪ He was breaking bad,
also breaking bad ♪ -♪ Started cooking up drugs,
but they came out blue ♪ -♪ He was breaking bad,
making drugs is bad ♪ -♪ Bought a pork pie hat,
threw a pizza on the roof ♪ -♪ ‘Cause he’s breaking bad,
really breaking bad ♪ -♪ Was a big shootout,
and he wound up dead ♪ -♪ You just spoiled it, dude,
spoiling stuff is bad ♪ -♪ If you haven’t seen the show,
never mind what I said ♪ -♪ Check out “Breaking Bad,”
Netflix, “Breaking Bad” ♪ -♪ Breaking Bad ♪ ♪ Breaking ♪ ♪ Bad ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Trace Adkins, everyone!
Trace Adkins! ♪♪ You can see Trace on the
“Ultimate Cowboy Showdown” on INSP Network
beginning October 14th. Trace Adkins.
How cool is that? [ Cheers and applause ] ♪ Breaking Bad ♪ This next one is from
Marco Trimboli. Marco, you out there?
Perfect. Marco says, “Hey, Jimmy. Halloween’s right
around the corner. Can you tell us what the hottest
costumes are this season?” Well, sure. I do have my finger
on the pulse, and I can easily tell you
what they are, but I’d rather just show you,
so, ladies and gentlemen, here are this year’s
hottest Halloween costumes. [ Cheers and applause ] The first costume is
going to be huge this year. It’s the Notebook Boy. All you need is a friend,
two Moleskine notebooks, and a preppy outfit. You and your friend
will be the only thing anyone’s talking about
at your Halloween party. The Notebook Boy. Our next costume
is Heinrich Von Chowder. It’s a fun twist on your
classic Oktoberfest outfit where you get to walk around
with giant steins filled with piping-hot
creamy soup. Yeah. Our next costume — [ Laughter ] Our next costume is a fun one. It’s the GIF of your friend walking into their
surprise party. For this costume, all you
have to do is get a white box and then repeat the same motion
for hours and hours until you can no longer
feel your face. [ Cheers and applause ] Our next costume
is based on something I think we’ve all
had to deal with. It’s the guy from high school
who claims he didn’t get butt implants
but definitely did. We all have that friend. He seems pretty normal,
but then he got butt implants. But acts like he totally didn’t. [ Cheers and applause ] And here’s our final costume.
It is the Longest Horse. Two-person horse costumes
are so last year. 2019 is the year of the horse. The long horse. Giddy-up into the number-one
Halloween costume this fall. The best part is,
it’s super-easy to navigate. You’ll barely knock over
any furniture at your next Halloween
get-together, and matching shoes and tights
are sold separately. It’s going to be
a great Halloween. Enjoy those costume, everybody.
There you go. [ Cheers and applause ] Let’s try one more suggestion
from the old sugg box here. This one is from Dave Sinclair. He said, “Hey, Jimmy.
I know people at the club usually dance
to fast, upbeat music. But recently at work, I heard the printer
printing a bunch of copies, and the printer
was making a fun beat. Can you have people dance
to a printer’s beat?” I think we can make that happen. There’s a local musician
who plays using a printer. So give it up for
DJ Eight-and-A-Half-By-Eleven. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Printer whirring
rhythmically ] [ EDM music joins ] ♪♪ -That’s all the time we have
for Audience Suggestion Box. Stick around. We’ll be right
back with Clive Owen, everybody. ♪♪ ♪♪

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