Another Top 10 Most Hated Songs

[Narrator]: Because you loved to hate them so much the first time, we thought we’d do this all over again! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for another top ten most hated songs. For this list, we’ve chosen records that may have enjoyed chart success, but have left behind a legacy of hatred. [Song]: If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go. [Narrator]: We’re not saying we hate these songs, but in some cases we understand why people do. If there’s a song you think should be on this list but isn’t, then be sure to check out our first list of the Top 10 Most Hated Songs. The commercial success of our opening offender is undeniable, and perhaps that’s what makes it a little more loathed than the average pop record! Throughout 2013, it was all-but impossible to escape this hugely irritating harmonica hook! Combine the new-age barn-dance sound with the vocal skills of Pitbull and Ke$ha, and you have on your hands a commendably insufferable song! By the end of this, you’ll be swinging yourself round and round, as you descend into madness! It’s difficult to work out which is more hated here: the music or the man! Another unbelievable chart-topper, “Blurred Lines” smashed all sorts of records as it rose to the top of mainstream music. However, the track was also tagged as, among other things, sexist and misogynistic! A claim that Robin Thicke was quick to dispute, but as the singer was cast under more and more spotlight, the public began to see what a prize ‘pillock’ he really can be! That’s just a nice way of saying: he’s a douche. You’ve got to give them credit; The Black Eyed Peas play the pop music game to perfection! “Boom Boom Pow” is another of the group’s big hits, which has gradually become everyone else’s pet hate! A conceptual track in which leads the rest of the Peas into the future one Boom at a time, one can’t help but feel that this song might have been better staying there! As it is, we painfully put up with it in the present day! Baha Men really barked up a storm in 2000, when they asked the question on everyone’s mind… Or not! [Song]: Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof, woof. [Narrator]: On the one hand, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” is a fun summer something, on the other, it’s the soundtrack to everything annoying in the world! It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what irks us about this record… The simulated panting? The yippie yi yos? [Song]: Yippie-yi-yo. [Narrator]: Just the barefaced banality? If anything, this song’s turning us into cat people! [Song]: Dog goes woof, cat goes meow, bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeak. [Narrator]: Another animal-centric effort now, and another question asked that really annoys everyone! One might be forgiven for expecting the “What Does the Fox Say” notion to be a metaphoric one, perhaps too deep and meaningful for average intelligence… But no! Ylvis really is enquiring about animal noises. And they’re passing off alien sounds as anthemic disco beats. The single did inspire a children’s book, which is a silver lining of sorts, but ‘Dog goes woof’, ‘Cow goes moo’, and we go stop! Please, please stop. Another nightclub annoyance, and a record that infuriates, but this one was probably aiming to as well! With “SELFIE”, The Chainsmokers provide an achingly accurate representation of modern life. A repetitive beat mushes our minds beyond even hatred! A Twitter-feed title keeps things very 21st century. The lyrics are bitchiness and vanity, and they have us questioning our sanity! By the end of this record, you’re in no fit state to take a photo of yourself – because you’ve been busy pulling your hair out! The Bieber back-catalogue is full to the brim with contenders for this countdown! “As Long as You Love Me” may have us making fists, but “Boyfriend” might just be the most loathsome of the lot! [Song]: If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go. I’d keep you in my arm, girl, you’d never be alone. [Narrator]: A self-indulgent attack on our ears, the record was released amid the teen star’s spectacular, and on-going, fall from grace! If this guy was your boyfriend, then he certainly wouldn’t be the type to bring home to your parents! In fact, you wouldn’t wish him on your own worst enemy! The 2000s harbored a strange obsession with animated annoyingness, and “The Gummy Bear Song” was one especially wacky creation that we just couldn’t get away from! As sweet and sickly as its subject matter, this song was definitely bad for you! Not recommended by dentists, doctors, teachers, parents, neighbors or anybody else. The internet is a wonderful thing, but it’s also largely to blame for this! Meme-ing its way into the mainstream with versions in over twenty languages, it’s enough to put you off your pick-and-mix! Another example of the World Wide Web wielding some scary sorcery over what we deem musically acceptable, “Gangnam Style” proved an atrociously awesome oxymoron of a song! Released in 2012, even those that didn’t want to listen, listened. Even those that didn’t want to sing the chorus, sang the chorus. Those that didn’t want to secretly try out the dance moves, secretly did! The first YouTube video to reach one billion views, it infected the entire world! Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable – or in this case dishonorable – mentions. Remember that Sir Mix-a-lot song that we all loved in the ‘90s? [Song]: Shake it (shake it), shake it (shake it), shake that healthy butt, baby got back. [Narrator]: ‘He liked big butts and he could not lie’… Remember? Well, just over twenty years later, this happened! [Song]: My anaconda don’t… my anaconda don’t… my anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hun. Oh my God. [Narrator]: Nicki Minaj has a habit of dividing opinion with her records, but when she reshaped “Baby Got Back” and made it even more booty-centric, she shook her delightful derriere all the way to our most hated high point! The euphemistic ‘anaconda don’t want none unless she’s got buns, hun’ – but we just don’t want none. Period. Do you agree with our list? What’s your most hated song? For more annoying top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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