Adults React To Selena Gomez – New Songs (Lose You To Love Me, Look At Her Now)

– Ohh, that’s a clear shoutout
to Justin and Hailey. – “She dodged a bullet.”
Bruh! BRUH! – Me at Olive Garden:
♪ Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm ♪ ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – ♪ You promised the world
and I fell for it ♪ – Oh! This is Selena Gomez’s new song. – ♪ Set fires to my forest ♪ – Ooh, go of.
– ♪ And you let it burn ♪ ♪ Sang off-key in my chorus ♪
– Shot on an iPhone. – And I know it was shot
on the new iPhone, which is crazy. – ♪ I put you first
and you adored it ♪ ♪ Set fires to my forest ♪
– Is this the new song that’s supposed to be
about Justin Bieber? – ♪ Sang off-key in my chorus ♪
– Oh my god. I’ma start crying. – ♪ We’d always go into it… ♪
– I haven’t seen the video, but I really like it so far.
– ♪ I needed to lose you to find me ♪ – Jeez, that’s deep.
– It’s like, ooh, chills. I’m sweaty. Ah, she’s so good.
– ♪ This dancing was killing me softly ♪
– I like her, ’cause in her music, she’s not afraid to show emotions.
She’s never been scared of that. – So stripped down, love the lyrics. It’s a little shades of Ariana Grande. – ♪ …to lose you to love me ♪
– Relatable, honey. – ♪ I gave my all
and they all know… ♪ – Dang, those cuts.
– I understand that it’s really artsy, but also, how quickly the opacity
is shifting between frames is making me really dizzy.
– ♪ …two months, you replaced us ♪ – See, that’s such
a callout! (laughs) – ♪ …think I deserved it ♪
♪ In the thick of healing ♪ – Where is she looking?
– ♪ You promised the world, and I fell for it ♪
– Already gonna say not my cup of tea off the bat. (chuckles)
I think it’s a little too slow. I really love her pop songs and stuff,
but maybe I just can’t relate? – ♪ Sang off-key in my chorus ♪
– Look at her! Look at her! Queen! I adore her.
– ♪ To love, love, yeah ♪ ♪ To love, love, yeah ♪
– (chuckles) – (FBE) What do you think?
– It’s very dramatic. – ♪ …to love me, yeah ♪
– Yes. Tell ’em. – ♪ To love, love, yeah ♪
– Honestly, this is probably the best Selena Gomez song
I’ve heard yet. – One of her better songs
to be honest. Is that mean to say? She has so many hits,
but it feels so heartbreaking. – ♪ …it’s goodbye,
it’s goodbye for us ♪ – Go off. So, great response
to the Hailey-Bieber wedding. I mean, I would probably
do the same thing too. – The only way to describe it
is just kind of angelic. The voice was so soft,
and the black void, it was like, “Ooh!
Okay, a little bit of chills.” – It’s, you know, another
♪ somebody broke my heart, so I’m gonna sing about it ♪
I don’t like it. I don’t dislike it. It’s fine!
– (FBE) We have more to show you in just a second, but that was
the newest single by Selena Gomez called “Lose You to Love Me.”
– “Lose You to Love Me,” yeah. That was the only lyric that I got.
I’m all for self-growth, it’s just thematically,
the visuals don’t really match with what she’s trying to see.
– (FBE) Exactly 24 hours after the release of this music video,
she released another single titled “Look at Her Now,”
and we have that to show you next. – (gasps) I’m gonna look
at her now is what you’re telling me? – (FBE) Yes. That’s exactly it.
– Let’s do it. – ♪ They fell in love one summer ♪
– Look at her with her big, grownup lady look going on.
– ♪ Feels good till it doesn’t ♪ – Ooh, already like it better.
Already like it better. – This is what I want!
Different angles, different lighting, dancers, an environment that’s
not like regular day-to-day life. – ♪ Of course she was sad ♪
♪ But now she’s glad… ♪ – “She dodged a bullet.”
Bruh! BRUH! – ♪ …to soak up the tears ♪
♪ But look at her now ♪ ♪ Watch her go ♪
– (sings along) ♪ Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm ♪
– ♪ Look at her now ♪ – Was this shot on the iPhone also?
– (FBE) Yeah. – What?! That’s so crazy!
I’m so glad I have the new iPhone. (laughs)
– I feel like the other one was like, “I’m sad, but I’m coming up,”
and this one is her up, like, (snaps) “Bitch.”
– ♪ Fast nights that got him ♪ ♪ That new life was his problem ♪
♪ Not saying she was perfect ♪ – The third person’s kinda
interesting, right? – ♪ Like that night ♪
♪ Was it wrong? Was it right? ♪
– It’s like all that Disney training. Look at her dancing. (laughs)
– ♪ Made her more of a woman ♪ – Yes, bitch. You are
a strong, independent woman. – ♪ Of course she sad ♪
♪ But now she’s glad she dodged a bullet ♪
– (makes whooshing noise) Love that line.
SO good! – ♪ But look at her now ♪
– I… for some reason, this chorus beat
just isn’t there for me, the ♪ Mm, mm, mm,
mm, mm, mm ♪ Like, are you eating something good?
– I can see all the memes coming out of that chorus already.
Mm, mm, mm, mm. Me at Olive Garden:
♪ Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm ♪ – This is such an empowering song too,
so that’s why I think a lot of people like it.
– ♪ Look at her now ♪ – I like that one. I do like
listening to stuff like that. It’s really fun.
– She thought she was asleep in a coma, dying ’cause
of a broken kidney. I’m not exactly sure what,
but she came back and WHACKED us in the face
with a gay anthem! That was so good!
– (FBE) So, many fans have been obsessing over Selena’s lyrics,
analyzing, you know, who or what she may be referencing
within her new songs. – Yeah. I’m trying to think.
I was like, “Who has she been with?” Like, the Weeknd.
– (FBE) So, here are a couple of standout lyrics
for you to analyze. – Yeah. I’m excited.
I’m ready to see what’s been pointed out here.
– ♪ I gave my all and they all know it ♪
– Ooft. – ♪ You tore me down
and now it’s showing ♪ – Ooft!
– ♪ In two months, you replaced us ♪ – AHHH!
– ♪ You tore me down and now it’s showing ♪
– Ohhh. That’s a clear shoutout
to Justin and Hailey. – Hailey, come on, man.
– ♪ …think I deserved it ♪ – No, you did not!
You did not deserve it. – I don’t think it’s about a boy.
Is it about her struggle with her health? ‘Cause I knew
she had health problems. – It’s not necessarily
just a generic pop song. It more feels like she wrote a poem
and then she was like, “All right, I’m gonna turn it into a song.”
– That must be Justin Bieber. It has to be. I mean,
a little on the nose-y, right? Those lyrics feel
a little pointed, (chuckles) honest, and autobiographical,
so I feel like the speculation is probably right and/or
she’s smart to sort of play on what people think anyways.
– I always thought that when they broke up,
it was just a clean break. But now it sounds like
it definitely did sit with her of, “Wow, you moved on
really quickly, and now it makes me feel like everything
that we had before didn’t even matter.”
– (FBE) So, some have pointed out that this may be a reference
to her relationship with pop star Justin Bieber.
That relationship is said to have ended in March 2018,
but some speculate that a couple months
after the breakup, in June 2018, Bieber started dating
model Hailey Baldwin. – Bye. Instead of festering
and crying and dying and wallowing in a pool of her own tears,
she has decided to put together a [bleep] you soundtrack.
– You have to get people wanting to know more info
about your personal life to reach that celebrity.
Everyone’s interested in gossip. If you’re going to
write personal singles, they have to have bits
of your life in it. – ♪ It was her first real lover ♪
♪ His too till he had another ♪ ♪ Oh god, when she found out ♪
♪ Trust levels went way down ♪ – Oh. She get cheated on?
– ♪ Oh god, when she found out ♪ – “She found out”…
Ohhhh! Well, yeah, ’cause they were on and off again.
– ♪ …glad she dodged a bullet ♪ – Ooh.
– ♪ Took a few years to soak up the tears,
but look at her now ♪ – ♪ Mm, mm, mm ♪ (laughs)
– Of course she was sad, but now she’s glad
she dodged a bullet, bitch. Oof! Can relate!
And I know you can too. – I feel like a lot of people
kind of relate to that. That’s why people like the song.
It’s like, that was her first love, that was his first love,
and then he moved on really quickly. – I feel like the lyrics
are a continuation of the first song. This is all about, I feel like,
the same person. It’s an arc. We’re at a story arc.
It’s a little movie. Ohhh, it’s getting juicy! – (FBE) So, fans once again
think that Selena is alluding to her relationship
with Justin Bieber. They both dated
when they were very young, leading fans to think
that the first lover described in these lyrics is Bieber,
and in turn is the one who cheated on her.
Do you think this song finds her in a better place
than the previous song? – Yeah. I feel like the second song
is her in a much better place. She’s up to the point
where she’s like, “I’m glad he did it.
Like, [bleep] that bitch. I’m better off
without you, Biebs.” – Definitely. I mean,
she’s still singing about it, but she didn’t blatantly
just be like, “Oh, he cheated on me,” but it was like, “This
happened to me, and I lost trust for him,”
and that’s what happened. – I like the different stages,
I guess, of the breakup, ’cause it’s the first one
when you’re really sad about it and then the second part
when you’re reflecting and then being like,
“But I’m so much better now, and I learned from that,
and I’m glad that I am no longer a part of that anymore.”
– (FBE) So, after four years without a release
of a proper album, the song “Lose You to Love Me”
has already outperformed every other single Selena Gomez
has released since “It Ain’t Me” that hit number 17
on the Billboard Hot 100. Why do you think this song
in particular has done so well with fans and the general public
compared to her previous songs? – Ooh. Dude, it’s word of mouth.
The best way to market your thing is just to get people
talking about it, and then they market it for you.
– I definitely am very interested in the gossip, because I have
nothing better to do. But I also really love Selena Gomez.
But there’s definitely people out there who are so
emotionally invested in her personal life,
and I know that’s definitely not my business and I take
full blame for it, but it’s like,
people are interested. They wanna know like,
“Are they gonna get back together? Is this gonna ’cause drama
between the Biebers? Let’s all find out.”
– She seems to be conjuring something that people have
speculated on forever, so it feels like maybe
she’s giving them some kind of closure.
– It just resonates with literally everyone.
She’s just saying goodbye. It’s not so much sad.
It’s more of a triumphant goodbye. – When an artist is
going through [bleep], and they’ve already had
a lot of success, sometimes they need
a few years to marinate and come up with a better
concept than before and just give people
a chance to breathe, ’cause then when you release
a new track four years from now after you’ve healed
or gone through stuff or you feel like you finally
have your album together, it’s gonna be an even bigger surprise
especially don’t forewarn anybody. – (FBE) Selena started promoting
the single “Lose You to Love Me” with cryptic posts on social media,
but chose to surprise release her second single with
no promotion whatsoever. After listening to both songs,
is there one you prefer most? – Not really. I think
they’re both good songs. – I like “Look At Me Now” better.
I like more upbeat music. And of her older songs,
that was more of my favorite. – I like the second one still.
I don’t know. I just couldn’t get past the visuals
of the first one. It was too distracting.
Maybe I was supposed to just listen to the audio at first.
I always like those ballads that are like, “Yeah, [bleep] you.
Look at me now. Come on.” – I like “Lose You to Love Me” more
just because I like how dramatic it is and how different it sounds
compared to some of her other music. I feel like if we would’ve
just been left with “Lose You to Love Me,” there would’ve been
this assumption that Selena Gomez is still really sad
and torn up about Justin Bieber and really dramatic about it.
But the fact that she released her second single right away
the next day, it shows just, “No, I’m okay.
[Bleep] Justin Bieber. I’m glad that that happened,
but I’m glad that I’m out of it.” – (FBE) So, in the past,
we’ve seen an assortment of product placements
within music videos, things like Beats headph–
– iPhone 11! Let’s go, baby! – (FBE) More recently,
like, the TikTok app has been featured in a bunch
of music videos now. Both of these videos
you watched today were actually shot
entirely on iPhones. – Ohhh.
– (FBE) And they’ve made that kind of a big deal.
Is this a more effective way to market a product?
Or is it something you don’t really pay attention to?
– Well, it’s subliminal, right? Product placement forever
has just been an effective way to create a vibe.
So, the vibe the iPhone is creating here obviously
is coolness and those are beautiful. I mean, the videos are beautiful.
– It’s an amazing way of marketing, because you’re showing
the quality that the product has. You saw the [bleep]
iPhone camera quality. It’s amazing. It’s clear, it’s crisp,
and it gets people interested, like, “Oh, maybe I can
just start filming on my iPhone. It’s not that big of a deal.”
– I don’t pay attention to it, but obviously, if somebody
like Selena Gomez mentions a product, that product’s gonna get a boost.
That’s just business. She has like a million people
looking at every single thing she does no matter what it is.
– We know that iPhone cameras are amazing, so I don’t know why
we’re gonna pretend this is impressive that it was entirely shot
off an iPhone. It feels really gimmicky,
kind of like it’s a relatability thing of “You can make your own
music videos by just using your phone. Look at us. Look at how
creative we are” as if they aren’t using
super expensive editing software. – (FBE) So, although Selena
has taken a short break with music, she has kept busy producing
Netflix hit series 13 Reasons Why… – I forgot about that.
– (FBE) …as well as serving as an executive producer
for Living Undocumented that follows various
undocumented immigrant families living in the United States.
She also received the 2019 McLean Award
for mental health advocacy for furthering the public’s
understanding for psychiatric illness and mental health,
this, in part, to being open with her struggles with mental health.
Do you pay attention to what musicians do outside of music?
Or do you just stick to the music? – Do I pay attent– sometimes I do.
I think that I always like to see when people are using their fame
and their money for good. That’s really critical
for young girls and older women also
to be able to take a look at that and go, “Yeah, I can do that as well.”
– I think that’s cool. And I laud that,
and I do pay attention to that. If you’re an artist,
you wield a ton of power. When you speak to young people,
it’s exponential. – I do pay attention.
There’s silent heroes. It’s just because
of their celebrity status, a lot of people don’t think
they can do anything besides being a celebrity,
but money moves. – I don’t necessarily
follow tooth and nail, but I think it’s important.
I think that they should do more than just release music.
I think that they should take, I don’t know, $1 million out of
their $100 million bank account and donate it to something
that could really use it. – I feel like it’s not my business.
And magazines put [bleep] information out on the internet anyways,
and it’s like, I don’t know what to believe, so I kind of
try to stay away from it and just stick with the music.
– (FBE) So finally, after watching these music videos, do you think
you’ll check out the rumored album or do you think you’ll
skip it altogether? – I’ll probably check out the album.
I like what I’m hearing so far, so the album might be really good.
– I’ll check it out. I really like the second song,
so I’m gonna see what she has. – Yeah, definitely. I wanna see
if she talks about her struggles, like what she went through
when she went through her hiatus, like what she went through
when she was struggling with her anxiety and depression.
– I’m gonna check it out. Just based on these last two singles
that have been so good, I feel like this is an album that I’m actually
really gonna like from her. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React. Shoutout to Cole HD.
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