A song to say GOODBYE: Funny video “Cat Flap”

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by adding your voice to it So (You) I heard you were leaving
It’s sad to hear but hey life’s goes on, I can’t imagine my life without you
who else will feed me when you’re gone Nooooooo, (You) don’t go
Come back and feed me, only dinner can please me, cause I am so hungry
meowwwwww, (you) it’s time for lunch now, I need a couple of kippers then my pipe and
my slippers, I”ll GET THEM MYSELF THEN SHALL I? oh (You) I hope you’ll be happy
Don’t worry just think about yourself Not having 3 meals a day plus tit bits, left
overs, bacon rind and chicken carcasses, little side of a saucer milk
Can’t be good for this cat’s health Nooooooo, (You) don’t go
I’m not getting fitter, someone PLEASE empty my litter, It’s really starting to overflow
actually. meowwwwww, (You) come back, with lunch, now,
Without you I’m cracking, and there’s less time now for snacking, I need you back
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4 thoughts on “A song to say GOODBYE: Funny video “Cat Flap”

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  • February 12, 2014 at 4:09 am

    Your videos/e-cards are THE BEST! Your Happy Birthday rappin chicken is soooooo funny LOL. Please, PLEASE keep making them and I hope your website is up and working soon. Great job, guys. <3

  • June 28, 2016 at 9:28 pm



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