9 Popular Songs About U.S. History Events

What’s happening, friends? Andrew from Jam Campus here and today we are continuing with History Month.
U.S. history! U.S. history! But today we’re talking popular music and U.S.
history. And while the United States has had a relatively short recorded history
it’s been nothing short of dramatic. Music like every other human art form
has that amazing ability to tell real, authentic, deep emotional stories about a
specific time period. In fact the most powerful songs out there are those that
you can actually just feel that raw emotion coming from the lyrics and the
performance together. And today we’re just going to explore a handful of those
songs. So here we go jumping in with our first song: Pride (In the name of love) by U2. Well noted by the songwriter, Bono, this
song pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and his dedication to civil rights
and racial equality in the United States. Love is one of the most common words
within this string of lyrics and that’s the core of the message that Bono is
trying to convey. A message of love and honor to those who are willing to put
their own lives on the line using peace and love to promote human equality Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley. Who
doesn’t love a good Bob Marley tune? And even better if you can learn a little
bit of history from it as well. In this song Bob gives us a history lesson about the Buffalo Soldiers. This was a segregated group of African American infantry after the Civil War tasked to help control the Native Americans of the
plains. Bob uses this historic event to bring awareness to his current a
situation that racism and oppression is still a real-life struggle. The British are Coming by Weezer. This is song all about the pre-American
Revolution days. Those days when the colonies and the British Empire’s
relationship was starting to deteriorate. The lyrics even dive into specific
events that led up to the revolution such as the shot heard around the world. All Black Everything by Lupe Fiasco The lyrics in this song refer to an
alternate reality of historical facts. Lupe poses the question: what would the
world be like if slavery in America never happened? It’s one of those songs
that actually makes you think a little bit about the lyrics and put you in that
alternate reality. I think we could use a little bit more of that in our modern
pop music. Next song: Don’t Drink The Water
by Dave Matthews Band. This is a pretty heavy song about the massacre of Native Americans during the colonization of North America. Dave has been mentioned saying
that he got inspiration for this song standing on the edge of Lake Superior
and imagining the peace and quiet that those people enjoyed before these harsh
times. Dave said he felt an overwhelming urge to pay tribute and respect to those
fellow humans that had lost their lives. And then at the end of the song the tone
and mood shifts dramatically, still from the point of the European colonists, but
this time as they angrily reflect on their actions Next up we’ve got Glory by Common and
John Legend. This powerful song was originally
recorded for the Hollywood movie Selma and lyrically it’s about civil rights in
America both in the past and current Really powerful song one that some
Common and John Legend you can really feel that emotion. Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears for Fears This song was a huge hit in the 80s and it’s all about the Cold War which was happening all across the world and has
some really tense times It’s a really catchy tune but the lyrics are actually pretty dark And ultimately discussing the worldwide
struggle for power. April 29th 1992 by Sublime. This song is all about the Los Angeles Riots that happened in 1992 after the Rodney King trial. Rodney King
was an African American brutally beaten by four Caucasian police officers. The
event was caught on tape and started huge stories in the news about racism. And finally we gotta end with the
classic Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones What a classic! If you don’t know this
song, go to your Spotify add it to your next playlist I actually didn’t even realize how dark hit lyrics words of the song until I looked into it recently. Mick
Jagger and Keith Richards say that the song is heavily influenced by the
Vietnam War and a reminder of how close to home all wars can be. The Vietnam War was an incredibly bloody war with over 1 million lives lost All right there it is everyone just a
taste of a few songs that are heavily influenced by US history but there are
tons more out there I encourage you to go out on the Internet and explore some
yourself even just look into the lyrics a little
bit more about some of your favorite popular song maybe one of them will be
about history or mention a historical event and if you find any other good
popular songs about American history let me know send me a comment down below I’d
love to see what you find have a great rest of your day and I will
see you next time you

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