9 German Songs You’ve Heard and Don’t Know The Name

Minuet in G Major – 1725 – Johann S. Bach (Could be: Petzold) But you’re playing it too fast Slower please! Baby shark Du Du Du Du Du … Oops Sorry I mean: Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen (You, You’re lying in My Heart) – 1820 – Folk Song Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement) – 1801 – Ludwig V. Beethoven Wake up bro! StArE aT mE YESS, Drink that coffee Caution: It has a lot of caffeine in it Oops My fault Damn it Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement) – 1801 – L. Van Beethoven Uh oh, Looks like he is starting to go crazy Sorry guys Prelude in C# Minor from WTC I -1722- J. Sebastian Bach Stop staring at me I know it was my fault Hey, Mozart is staring at you! Or … me???! Oh no RUN!! Toccata and Fugue in D Minor -1704- J.S. Bach Please! Stop it CrEePy StArInG cOnTeSt: MoZaRt vS ViNhEtEiRo (Wait, where did my soul go?) OMG, it’s Für Elise – 1810 – L. V. Beethoven FÜRRRRRRRRRR ELISE! Now both are staring at me Pheww, he gave up OpFF Did Mozart take your soul? Poor you Now we’ll Bach to Johann Sebastian Bach! 2 Part Invention No. 1-1720- J. S. Bach I’ve run out of things to say And finally Emperor Quartet (2nd Movement) -1797- Joseph Haydn Too hard? Oh, nothing, keep playing! Oh God, we save Still angry about that coffee? Vinheteiro: No I promise i can do it better next time Anyway, bye! Remember to subscribe! Or you will lose your soul Peace out! THANK GOD, WE SURVIVED THE DISASTER!!! oH NO!!! My SOUL IS GONE AGAIN??? WHY??? (cries x3.14)

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