10 Best Royalty Free Music Tracks [2019]

Music is a potent element in storytelling, so much so that the backing track you choose can make or break your video. Coming up are ten royalty free music tracks that pack an emotional punch. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find the link in the description below. Number ten. Action Sports by guitarsstate is an ideal tune for adrenaline-pumping extreme sports videos, amped-up food promos, and any other project that calls for a gritty, guitar-driven track. The full track clocks in at 80 seconds, with a 60-second edited version also included. Number nine. Inspiring Innovation by Adigold is a stimulating symphony that can perfectly underscore videos about people working together. Use it to showcase progress and new technology and get your viewers excited about the future. Number eight. Mediterranean by lucafrancini is a zesty club banger that will transport listeners to white-sand beaches and alluring dance floors. Drop this track into your travel, advertising, or event promo videos for an instant boost of exotic energy. Number seven. Explore Chinese markets, Japanese restaurants, and Thai lantern festivals to the sound Japan LIfe by simonleng. This oriental track will work well in the background of travel, food, and festival-related videos. Number six. Drumming Oil Barrels by AllenGrey brings to mind visions of tribal drumming, chase scenes, battlefields and fast-paced action as a slow start builds to a cacophony of multi-layered percussion. Number five. Rally sports fans and inspire athletic endeavors with the swelling strings and booming drums of Championship by OlexandrIgnatov. In addition to the full version of Championship, a piano-only version is also bundled in. Number four. Emotional Upbeat Pop by SunChannelMusic is a happy-go-lucky track with chill undertones that will nicely complement vacation footage, product videos, and aerial shots. Number three. Symphony of Hope by matsteiner will help set the mood for any project that calls for an adventurous, animating and serenely epic backing track. Depending on the tone you’re going for, the two versions of the track allow you to end with either a somber piano note… …or an uplifting symphony of strings. Number two. Watch ideas become reality to the tune of Progress by BrownHouseMedia. This high-spirited tune has a ton of potential uses, including videos focused on technological advancement, crafting or manufacturing processes, and heartfelt connections between people. Number one. Soft & Warm Ambient Strings by TheStoryShop earns our top spot today for its cinematic score that is both calming and powerful. Load up this track to add emotional resonance to pretty much anything – from nature shots, to cities, to sugar-laden pastries. Delicious. That about does it for our list of ten of the best royalty free music tracks for 2019. You’ll find links to all the items featured in this video in the description below. Which track was your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and chuck us a like while you’re down there if you found the video helpful. The Envato channel is filled with content that can jumpstart your projects, so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a beat. Check out our breakdown of Envato Music Kits next.

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