💥Kevin De Bruyne – the SONG!💥 (Arsenal vs Man City & Newcastle Amazing KDB Goals!!)

GOAL! Kevin de Bruyne! GOAL! Kevin de Bruyne! GOAL! Kevin de Bruyne! GOAL! Kevin de Bruyne! I’m gonna get the ball… A football nation army couldn’t hold me back! He’s gonna score a goal! I give rival goalkeepers heart attacks! I watch back all my goals at night… so I don’t forget GOAL! Kevin de Bruyne! – He’s so fine!
– He’s sublime I’m lit – like a cigarette! His hair is the same colour as the end of a cigarette… Thank God I don’t play for Spurs
Coz I’d be out on loan! Go, Kevin De Bruyne! GOAL! Kevin de Bruyne! GOAL! Damn you De Bruyne! GOAL! Kevin de Bruyne! – But I am not Kevin De Bruyne, I’m Zincenko…
– What? He is the Belgian Prince! Or is this the English Prince?
I just can’t tell… Defenders… he can rinse! – He is just like Pogba!
– Pogba?! F**king hell !Time for your tablets! Yes, Gary… And whether we are home or away
I’ll assist you! Yes! With crosses, With corners
With goal-kicks, I’ll get it to you… For Kevin De Bruyne! – How I wish he played for Spurs…
– Look Kevin’s Home Alone! GO! Kevin De B… GOAL! Kevin de Bruyne! GOAL! That is De Bruyne! Hi! Girlfriend of De Bruyne! HO! Ex-friend of De Bruyne! Go! It’s kevin de bruyne! A loan for Kevin De Bruyne? – Turns out you’re also De Bruyne, not Zinchenko
– WHAT? – And so is she…

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